The missing centre of my sansevieria.......

marguerite_gwMarch 23, 2004

My 'Moonshine' sans which I bought last autumn seemed to be dying off from the centre - I unpotted it and had a look - it is brown in the middle of the plant with no growing tip, otherwise the leaves seem sturdy enough - does anyone know what this is? It has the appearance of a bromeliad vase in the centre, if you know what I mean!

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Maggie, some Sans are sensitive to getting water down into the crown. I have lost nearly all of my birdnest ones this way. And it is tough to try and get something in there and dry them out without doing damage to leaves or tips.

Did it get a chill, recently? The combo of the two could do it.

I think this is the reason they make those watering cans with the long neck spout, so I can get the water where I want it, and keep it out of where I don't! I have taken to using this type of can, cause once again, I am four deep out from a window, and watering the back ones can be 'miss or hit the furniture'!

If you find a place a bit warmer, still with good light, I bet you get a pup in no time. After it gets bigger, you can depot and send the 'momma' off to spend the rest of her days in the 'retirement home'. Don't know if you know him, Jon Dixon, says that he grows 'Moonshine' primarily for the new growth. Since this is a very light colored leaf, it shows every little nick and bump. Once he has good new growth, he removes the older, and grows on the young'uns.

Good luck with it!

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Thanks very much, Cena, coming up trumps as usual. I bought the plant like this, noticed it was brown in the middle with no new leaf, but hadn't the experience to get excited about it, particularly as it came from a good nursery. There is a pup, you're right, and that seems fine. I almost never watered the sansevierias during the winter and some have very soft leaves now but are otherwise ok. I'll keep the plant and maybe get more pups too. Best wishes to you!

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Yes Cena is spot on once again. My Moonshine plants are the same, I grow them for the new leaves as the old ones can quickly become tired looking. Also this one seems to pup quite easily so soon you'll have that lovely silvery green to look at.

Cena - love that 'miss or hit the furniture' :)

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Seems your moonshine is just fine. So long as there is no soft rot, and by the way you describe it there does not seem to be, then the possible answer is the plant has stopped growing due to lower temperatures & lack of water. It will then throw off new pups vegetatively.

So I don't think its a problem with water in the crown, but as Cena advises, always water your Hahnii types away from the centre. Personally I water them from below, is a good tip.

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Thanks to you both also, for the reassurance. I'm not worried at all now!

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