What wrong with my 'moonshine'?

greendale(6B)March 26, 2013

The leaves are shrinking. before it is in bathroom ith blinds alway closed. now it moved to a west facing window. Is it not enough light, is it too cold, too wet? TIA

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Laura Robichaud

I think that leaves shrinking means it needs water. Is it in gritty mix? Are you using a skewer to see if it is wet? When was the last time it was watered?

Thinking that the bathroom with all it's humidity wouldn't be great for your Sans...especially with the blinds always closed. West window should be good from now on.

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Yes, it is in gritty mix without pine barks. It was in a much larger pot before too, I repotted into this smaller pot and checked the soil mix, it is actually wet. I got this moonshine in the Nov last year, and since then, it going down hill, but I had another 'black gold' in the same mix which does much better then this moonshine, it even have new growth in the center. Thanks.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Are those rocks on top of the mix? Could this be a drainage problem somehow? The leaves do look thirsty.

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Did the roots seem healthy when you down-potted it? Root rot can make a plant look like it needs more water, because the roots are gone, so they can't take any in. The solution to this would be to water less, and really not much at all for awhile, until you see new leaves growing, which signal healthy roots. It's a beautiful plant and I hope you are able to save it!


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Laura Robichaud

Gotta get all the Sans through this darn winter so they can spend all summer outside.

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The rock is just for decoration. Yes, the root is good and health, I actually see there are some new roots growing.
Laura, I just saw your new bantel sensation in another thread. I am going to lowes this weekend. Never saw they carry bant sensation before though.

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Glad the roots are healthy. That means it *should* be an easy fix. Keep us posted!

I got my Bantel's at Lowes over the winter for $1. It was half dead, but turned out to have 4 plants! They're still recovering, though, so we'll see how they do come summer.

I hope you can find one!


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Here is an old thread Al's Gritty Mix and Sansevieria questions.
Here is a link that might be useful:Al's Gritty Mix and Sansevieria questions

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Sounds like it was certainly starved for light, in addition to whatever else is going on.

How often do you water? In Gritty Mix, a more regular schedule is required. Depending on the container size, one could be watering every 4 days, every week, or every 10 days.


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