Salvia guarantica 'Brazil'

spazzycat_1April 21, 2009

I planted a Salvia labeled as Salvia 'Brazil' many moons ago (probably around 15 years ago), and today, I consider it one of my very best Salvias. It only blooms in the Fall, but the flowers are huge and spectacular, and best of all, it stays in one place and doesn't tend to colonize a border like many of the other Salvia guaranticas. When I google it however, I get very few hits. Why is this? Why is this cultivar not more popular?

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Is this the same one as Salvia 'Black and Blue'? That is the one that i came up with when I googled it. It is one of my favorites too.

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Sounds like you have a variety called 'Costa Rica' but
it usually is not that cold hardy. Flowers in the fall larger flowers etc. I don't know how Salvia mexicana performs for you but it does look like S.guaranitica but flowers are not larger.Look on A World of Salvias and see if that is your plant pictured as Salvia guaranitica 'Costa Rican Blue Sage'.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Salvia guaranitica `Brazil' is originally the S. ambigens sold by Logee's Greenhouses back in the 70s. A few years after I acquired it, S. ambigens was combined with S. guaranitica. The most I was able to discover about its provenance was that it came from Brazil.

Besides the relatively new form Van Remsen's, there are three that will be trialled soon from Argentina. More later.

Also, `Purple Majesty' (S. guaranitica x gesneriflora) has two relatively new competing forms `Betsy's Choice', which I think is a cross of guaranitica with the cardinalis form of fulgens, and `Jean's Purple Passion', like `Purple Majesty' on steroids.

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I acquired Brazil a couple of years ago. It has proved hardy here in New Jersey. It comes into bloom around the beginning of July. I'd say it was my favorite guaranitica except that to my untrained eye it is very close to the cultivar Blue Ensign, so there is a toose-up.

Betsy's choice went into the garden last year and bloomed a bit by early September. Jean's Purple Passion sounds interesting. I am looking for a Purple Majesty look alike that does better in my yard, maybe this is it?

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I planted 'Purple Majesty' in September (got it from Plant Delights) and it came through the winter just fine. It's emerging beautifully right now.

Chapel Hill, NC

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