Salvia ecuador aka cruikshankii

bluekitobsessedApril 25, 2008

Anyone know anything about this salvia? Foliage is a little greener than s. chamaedryoides (germander sage), flowers shaped like Indigo/Mystic Spires but a little lighter in color and leaves are not veined at all.

Also, I'd love to hear recommendations on other blue salvias that do well in So. Cal. In addition to the ones listed above, I have/tried s. cacaliifolia, guaranitica, glechomifolia, uliginosa, and of course bedding salvia.

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I've never heard of it, but S. arizonica, cedrosensis, columbariae, polystachya, sinaloensis and somalensis are in the violet-blue group and will grow well in SoCal. Sinaloensis is probably the truest blue out of that group.

Cabrillo college does have this unnamed photo of an Ecuadorean salvia species. Is this what you are thinking of?

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Hi there. I found that pic when googling my salvia but I think my salvia's buds are not quite so purple. Sinaloaensis is the only salvia that never worked for me -- I'm Sunset borderline 18/21. Where can I find the other ones you mention? They are not listed in Sunset and I don't think I've ever seen them at the local sources.

I also have chiapensis (hot pink flowers) and what I assume is microphylla (bright red flowers), fwiw, but I don't like those as much as the blues.

I love blue flowers and have a severe rabbit problem. Salvia works well for me.

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Are you near L.A.? Theodore Payne has Salvia sonomensis 'Mrs. Beard' in 1 gallons in stock and S. columbariae seeds (chia) which are easier than some other sages to germinate. Tree of Life or Las Pilitas in San Diego are also good or you can work with any larger nursery that is willing to order from wholesalers like San Marcos Growers, El Nativo and Native Sons.

The book I referenced for the color chart is Betsy Clebsch's "The New Book Of Salvias: Sages For Every Garden." If you are willing to go further into the purple/violet color range, a number of other sages that do well in our climate are available, like leucophylla, leucantha, clevelandii, dorii, munzii, brandegeei and melissodora.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If you have Salvia cruikshankii, it is a relative of chamaedryoides from Peru in the section Flocculosae, so they should look alike in some ways.

Where do you live, and where did you get the plant? I'd like to get one for my collection.

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If this is the Salvia that came from Cabrillo College, known as Salvia from Ecuador, it was mis-identified as Salvia cruickshanksii. It is now thought to be Salvia flocculosa. (Unless I am confusing the two.)

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Thank you all! It definitely looks more like chamaedryoides than any of my other salvias, albeit with green leaves instead of grey. Should be a very pretty plant. According to the tag it might get to be 6 feet tall x 6 feet wide, but the nursery guy thought 3 x 3, hence the panic-before-I-plant-it.

I found the plant at a nursery in Canoga Park, CA. The grower is identified as Garden Earth, which I couldn't find with a quick google search. HTH.

BTW, I'm new to this forum (usually hang out on the kitchen forum) so I apologize in advance for any rudeness.

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

I have s. flocculosa from Cabrillo. It's identifed as such and was acquired last May. Do you think the misidentification would have been before that time?
BTW, I certainly do like the un-named Ecuador salvia from Cabrillo. Add Ecuador Blue and macrophylla to the list of blue flowered that do well in SoCal. I'm sure there are many others. We're so blessed with good weather for the salvias that there are many, many that do well here.

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Sorry can't help with your ID. Just a thought post a picture
with a 1)flower 2)foliage 3)seed and a picture of the overall plant form. The other suggestion is replant into
a larger container so you can see how big it can get ie:
a 5 or 7 gallon container. Some other Blue Salvia's you
may want to try (if you have not already) are...El Cielo
Blue,Blue Chiquita,S.Clevelandii (several forms)Canyon Sage
(S.lycioides)Mealy Blue (S. Farinacea) I have found the species better perennials for the Garden than the seed selected forms of "Victoria" ,"Rhea",Evololution,Strata.
Hope this helps

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

I can highly recommend Marine Blue...tough, drought and frost tolerant, mine seems to be in flower constantly.

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