Why is the Sans. exchange page so inactive?

FrugalFanny(4)March 27, 2013

Also known as: Shameless self promotion for my trade! Muahahahahaaaa!

Ahem. Anyway. I have posted for trades on the C&S forum and the House Plants forum, if anyone is interested. I don't really have any rare Sans., but if you are just starting out or need to fill in some of the more common ones, I may be your gal.

Take a look, if you wish. My trade list is pretty exhaustive of my plant collection, but I'm sure I've missed a couple. I do still have a few golden hahniis that need homes...

I am hoping to trade for other small to mid sized sans, or other types of plants. There are many that catch my eye:) I am trying to slim down my collection some by eliminating duplicates and acquiring only a few plants in return for many that I will be sending out.

I am willing to trade multiple more common plants for one that I really want.

My most wanted are (small plants or cuttings are preferred):
Sans. hahnii streaker
Ric rac cactus
Chlorophytum fire flash
Any epiphytic cacti or similar plants (I have the "Night Blooming Cereus and a NOID Rhips. cutting)
Hatiora gaertneri (Easter Cactus) with dual-colored pink flowers. I don't care whether they're named or not.

Sorry for posting this here. I was going to put it on the exchange page, but it looks like nobody ever uses it...

Thanks for looking!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

This is generally a pretty slow forum, only having become active recently.

Technically, your post really does belong at Exchanges, not here.

Don't know where you are geographically, but it's just too early in the season for trading. Folks still have snow in some places; it's still way too cold to swap (at least here in the Northeast).

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Thanks PG. As I said, I know it belongs in the Exchange section, but when I looked there, the last post was July 2012, and before that, most are from 2006 and older. I didn't want to post where nobody would read it.

In my other swap posts I stated that I will have to wait for warmer weather, but I just wanted to get them up to see what people were interested in so I can start separating/potting/rooting things and get them ready in time for trades. Also, I sort of live in two different places right now, and my plants are in both, so I need a little more time to get trades together, hence the early posts. I'm sorry I forgot to say those things here.

So, if you or anybody else are interested, you can look at my other exchange posts, or reply here, so I can start getting things together.

I want to offer people the best trades I can, and for me that requires forethought and planning.


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Laura Robichaud

Slow forum for mostly slow growing plants!

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I want one of those Gold Hahnii from you. I will have to check what I got extras for trade. Do you like jades? I have an extra Finger Jade. I have extra Futura Black Gold's. One Bantal Sensation.

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Thanks Laura:) Hopefully the forum takes off in the summer along with the plants!

Stush, I have you on my list for a gold hahnii:) I'm pretty sure I have a black gold and I do have a Bantel's. I do have some jades, but for some reason I prefer the ones with flat leaves. Do you still have the gold flame available? If not I'm sure we can come up with something else.


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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I'll put you down for a 'Gold Flame'.

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Thank you Stush:)

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Right now WM has lots and I mean lots of gold hahnii and gold flame. I also have several extra of each if anyone would like to trade when it warms up. Although
here it's going to hit 75 again today. Just wait until the l00 in June!
I am looking for Futura black gold...pretty.
Also a twisted on my list of maybes.
I also have some new offsets (pups, babies) of several that I'm not sure of the names.
I bought a big box full of sans at a swapmeet at the end of last summer. There were several moonshine, I think a grey lady, looks like a silver queen but short. P.S. I want a silver queen. gawd, my list of wants grows. Ok, back to what was in the box um, two congos (I think). And several others. They were all pretty beaten up
but for the price I took a chance and now they seem to be adjusted and started sprouting. One of the congos has an offset forming under the soil!!

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Thanks for sharing! Do you have any photos? Maybe the unnamed ones can be ID'd and/or people may want to trade with you?


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Hi FF,
I posted pics on swap meet sans.
Thanks, I hope someone can help me!

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Thanks! Nice photos! And it looks like you've had some ID's already.


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Pardon my ignorance, but I can't seem to find the swap meet Sans page...is it in the plant exchange?

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Yes.........click "Exchanges" to the right of "On topic Discusssions" right above the threads on the main page. If you do have Sans to trade (or wanted) it might be better in this forum to just post it in the name forum with some indication in the Title Block like "Have S. hahni cultivars to trade" or "Looking for S. senagamica" or "Daylilies for Sans???" or something to that effect. This is a relatively slower forum so it may catch more attention there. There are some very good people on here however and on here regularly.

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They are slow growing, I don't want to trade rare species for common ones, I am selling my collection or donating it to a major garden. with 250 collectors plants I don't want common ones any more. I am no longer a beginner.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

How nice of you to respond. Didn't hear from you in a while. Hope all is well. It would be nice to see a Norma collection at the Botanical Gardens. (did not want to post your last name). Definitely worth taking many pictures of.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)


Could it be because the plant is such a slow growing plant itself and nobody really has anything to say about how slow there sans is moving along?

Or perhaps because they would rather talk about other plants more than sanseverias?

Who knows forsure but one thing is Certain, it's very inactive to the point I have to remind myself not to even check it out because nothings going on there anyways.

Maybe I spent to much time here today already so good night.


This post was edited by hijole on Thu, Apr 3, 14 at 23:29

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

All my sans are put away for the winter. They grow so slow and so like me every one has not too much to say. Come next month, will be a different story.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Stush, Now thats a nice display & Variety of Sanseverias, You are one organized Hombre. And thxz for sharing.


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Hi Stan,

How about giving us the names of all those lovely plants? Looks like that aquarium is your perfect winter hideaway.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I used that tank last year with a lot of susscess. Wow, let's see; In the white tub; MoonShine, Forescate, Futura 'Asahi', 2 'hahnii', 2 Lavranos '23251'. Rest of tank L to R Fischeri Singalaris, 2 Gold Hahnii, 3 Streaker, 3 Ebay 'Weird', Kirkii 'Silver Blue'. Back row; Siam Silver, 'hahnii' Loops' Pride, 2 Bantel’s Sensation, 'hahnii Silver Frost, and 'Morgenstern's Futura Aurea'.
Glad you didn't ask me what's on my downstares stand.
All grow so well in that tank.

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Good growin' Stan! Very nice collection.

Just curious, if you compare Futura Asahi with Morgensterns Futura Aurea, do you think they are the same? Seems like I have read somewhere that they may be.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Yes they are. I was given them by two different people so I named them as they called them. I was told that trifasciata 'Golden Street' was also the same but was said to be taller growing. That I can't say so myself.
May 20, 13 you gave me one. Thanks again. (I had to check my records). My memory is lacking these days.

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Well Stan, There are quite a few sans with more than one name. Side by side seems the best way to compare.

I'm hoping for some warm weather, enough to carry the plants outside, but no, it's cold and rainy again. Thanks, Barb

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Hey Yawl, What do you say we all BOMB the Sanseveria exchange this week and update your sans, development regardless of whats happening to them i.e Not much but here's the latest picture.

Or maybe something interesting has happened lets just Blow the Sans. exchange.

And by the way Stan (Stush) your display of Sans is a really nice collection you have thwere.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I didn't read through this discussion, but just wanted to say I should have another crop of excess plants for postage this fall. Will post when I'm ready to dig 'em back up.

Sorry, I don't feel the need to have each different one. It's a fault in my character of which I'm well aware when I come on this forum. So although I give many away, and do trade many other kinds of plants, I'm not a trader of Sans.

I won't be a trader of anything until this fall, we're moving in a couple weeks...

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Moving Purp, nearby or far, just curious?

Gonna have lots of plants to move, eh?

Wishing you luck w/ it should we not 'speak' again before then.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Karen, we're moving out of a house we've been renting into one we actually own (when we finish paying for it) that's only about 1/2 mile away. Tried to convince the lady who owns this house to just trade with us, but she doesn't want to own a house she can't see or walk to.

Yeah, I've been digging up plants the past couple weeks and moving them to my Mom's massive front yard bed since the house we're moving into has no garden beds - YET. I'm conflicted about that, but a dozen people have independently said it would all probably just get mowed if left here. I'm leaving a few knockout roses since nobody would mow those, some Persian shield shrubs, but there's also thousands of various bulbs and a few other things. When I moved here, I thought it was all lawn until I noticed some of the foliage was not grass.

These had been getting mowed for YEARS:
Amaryllis - red
Lycoris radiata (red spider lily)
Oxalis (pink)
Crinum (haven't bloomed yet...)

And these plants I've added from other sources, mostly trades (see, this is not THAT far OT!:)
Bletilla (ground orchid)
Lycoris aurea (yellow)
Gardenias (babies propagated from big shrub already here)
Brugmansia - white
Tradescantia pallida (purple heart)
Talinum paniculatum (jewels of Opar)
Hydrangeas - blue
Dianthus - pink
Easter lily - white
Persian shield (taking maybe 2, there's about a dozen in the yard)
Myosotis (blue forget me nots)
Jasmine shrub if still alive
Liriope (monkey grass)

And definitely moving the stuff I had when I moved in:
Mirabilis jalapa (4'o'clocks)
Butterfly bush (Buddleia)

By the time I get beds going, I'll only be shopping from Mom's yard. No way I'll have room to take it all back as fast as it can multiply. Needless to say, Mom's extremely excited about this sudden boon in her landscape. I told her when I turned a big chunk of her front yard that was too shady for grass into a giant bed that it would eventually be filled with a beautiful garden. It was a few years ago that we started piling the leaves there as mulch, and she and I have both added many plants to the bed, but until this week, it was still pretty sparsely planted, shrubs that will be much bigger are still quite small. I've had to get creative for the stuff that needs more sun, planting new areas, but it was time to expand her landscaping in that direction anyway.

Packing and moving the actual stuff in the house is child's play compared to moving the gardens - plants, bricks, rocks I've collected, and the stuff DH needs to fix on the house is pretty heavy work. Time (and weather) will tell if we actually get out of here when we said we would, the 21st.

Yeah, I babbled probably way more than anybody wants to know, it happens. Thanks for the support!

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Purpleinopp, Sounds like a major project, Ive often thought, How would I manage to take all this stuff to the new place IF I did move, I dont envy you for a second right now, I hope u find or have some good help with this task. And plz give us updates.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hey, Greg! Once I get started, I get in a zen-like mode and hours can slip by in what seems like a few minutes. I started a couple weeks ago, small, manageable loads. Some of the bulbs are very easy and obvious to dig up, but there's so much stuff still dormant that only I know where it is. Nobody else could avoid stepping in certain places, or slicing through stuff yet invisible. A long explanation of why I don't really want help I guess.

I think I'm about halfway done but I'm just not sure yet. I've moved gardens before, but never this quantity of plants, and never with this luxury of being able to replant small loads within hours of digging them up. It's actually been a lot easier and quicker than I'd envisioned when I first started to think about what would need to be done.

What I'm really excited about is seeing Mom's yard in about 2 years when everything's fully recovered. This stuff was on all 4 sides of this house, in separate little beds (comparatively,) but will (almost) all be visible from one spot at her house.

Thanks for reminding me! Will try to remember to take the 'before' pic of them for this years' outside foray at Mom's house. Otherwise, the pic of them this coming Sept/Oct won't be very visually informative!

...to go back toward the topic of trading...

Sans are so similar to Cannas, in growth habit, so easy to multiply and share/trade. Anyone who has put Cannas in the ground should know what I'm talking about. When I lived in OH, it was necessary to dig up the rhizomes for winter, and it was always a shock - how many MORE of them there would be in the short few months they had the chance to grow. The Cannas I had there are the same ones here, moved a small patch of them and now have some at Mom's, in about 6 places here, and I've sent big boxes of them to at least a dozen people over the past year.

A discussion about sharing/trading should definitely drum-up interest in doing so. Of course there are risks of pests whenever one takes plants outside, but I would encourage folks who have the space and interest to do so to put some Sans in the ground for summer. Not everyone would be willing to experiment with their plants, understandable, and please don't if you feel that way. But there's nothing magical* about the 'dirt' in my yard, or the care (none) plants were given the past couple summers in the ground. I probably shouldn't be saying this because once everyone gets some Sans, I won't have 'my main leverage' in trading, but it was so fun and the results were so amazing, I'm spilling the beans.

To draw attention to the fact one is actively interested in trading, say so in your profile, then make sure your exchange page has current info. If your 'looking for' only has 1 thing and you don't say something like "open to suggestions," anybody who doesn't have that 1 thing may not bother contacting you.

Oh, and keep forgetting to say, trades of multiple items are more fun and...

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

purpleinopp, I completely understand what you mean by wanting to do it yourself, You want it done a certain way and by others helping it could take you even longer which is actually no help at all.

I remember hearing some kids asking if they could help & they were told, Yeah you can help by getting out of the way Lol.. Ok, ok ... Well have fun on your move hopefully you wont have to do it anytime soon again.

I might be one interested in this trading venture once your ready, and that's a pretty nice list you have going there too.


    Bookmark   April 10, 2014 at 3:12PM
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