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Mentha(9 CA)March 3, 2009

I posted over on the C&S forum and was directed over here for an ID. It had a flyer next to it from another nursery which mentioned Sans cylindrica cv Skyline. Could this be my sans? I only hold this suspect because it also looks a lot like my Sans suffruticosa and the flyer mentioned trifasciata which might mean it was just a care sheet.

It also came home with this spot. I was wondering if I could just cut out the mush and apply cinnamon. It's on one of the inner leaves. I don't want to cut the top off of it, since I would like to show this beauty soon.

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If you are going to show it, take it out of the pot and remove that leaf below the soil line. The judges tend to be very picky, make sure the top of the plant is spotless, and you must have a clean top dresing, of tan. Not white not blue or sand of any kind. I not sure what it is beause I can't see all of the plant top and bottom and don't have the measurements. It's look like there are many heads of plants in that one pot. 'Skyline' is a large stiff leafed plant. You are able to show the plant without a name, but plant and top dressing must be spotless, and the apex of the leaves perfect. Been there done that. The skyline that I have seen have 14+ leaves, and if in show a single head with a flower stem alive or not would be better. If it is just a club show you can get away with murder, but a real show, sometime the judges don't even know what they are looking at, and don't know what it is supposed to look like. Good Luck, just have fun and the experience. Norma

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Mentha(9 CA)

Hi Norma,
Since nobody answered, I took the damaged plant completely out of the pot and used it for the plant exchange at the C&SS meeting this month, I used cinnamon and packed the wound it wasn't a day before the wound was completely dry. The top dressing was also changed to a very small size dark brown which goes with the brown streaks in the handmade pot. It also has 8-10 different flower stalks starting :)

Here is the whole plant, it's in a 12 in hand thrown pot.

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What a handsome set of cylindrica! However, this doesn't look like 'Skyline' to me. I have three different cylindrica clones (including one which is a twin to this one in habit).

Here's my reasoning. I believe San Marcos growers and California Cactus Center specialize in 'Skyline'. I saw hundreds of them at CCC a couple days ago. What is remarkable about 'Skyline' (compared with other S. cylindrica) is that its spears are more blunt, stubby or overstuffed. Also, in 'Skyline' the leaves tend towards parallel (more like a candelabra than a fan). I believe this is the inspiration for the moniker--they appear architectural, like a row of buildings.

Blunt, cylindrical buildings. :-)

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