Argentinean Salvias

robinmi_gwApril 25, 2011

In the last 2 years, I have been happy to acquire some new Salvias from Argentina. They perform somewhat indifferently here, as we have had cool and cloudy summers for the last two years, and although they have thrived, totally winter-hardy, which was surprising, have been somewhat reluctant to flower.

Healthy plants have been 3 forms of Salvia pallida, 2 forms of Salvia brevipes, Salvia cardiophylla, and Salvia durifolia. Also Salvia nervosa, which I found to be not garden-worthy, but so rare, invaluable for collectors.

Recently found species in the Salta province are the beautiful Salvia calolophos and a pure white form of Salvia cuspidata. Nice photos of these can be seen at

Some of these will hopefully find their way into the northern hemisphere. Seeds are dodgy...........they germinate easily, but, they hybridise like mad!

I am at my wit's end, as I have at least 7 forms of Salvia stachydifolia! This is supposed to be a very variable (best ever masterpiece of understatement!) form. I have grown Salvias named as meyeri, rhinosina, and stachydifolia.

Seems that they are all forms of S. stachydifolia....all tuberous, and potentially very invasive. But beautiful.

As for S. guaranitica, lost count of my collection. Some are invasive, some are not, if not tuberous, they are probably hybrids.

Not allowed to mention Salvia 'Amistad'.....but watch for this introduction, probably next year. A true sensation.

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Thank you, Robin, for this great information. Argentine Salvias are an up and coming topic. I for one appreciate your sharing.

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Thank You Robin and ditto what Kermit said.
Hopefully we will see more from South America as a whole.
It would be interesting to see more from the lamiacae as
a group as well!

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