Was this Sans correctly labeled?

webkat5(Z6a MO)March 6, 2007

Hi all!

I just picked up this baby Sans at a local nursery...

The google pics are inconclusive...

Can you tell me if this is S. suffruticosa?



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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

It's really too young to tell. Perhaps wait until Sept. by then it should have more growth, Is that in a 4" pot. It looks like it, but then I have seen 6" pots that look like that as well. The picture is excellent, I sure like it with a top dressing, the plant really stands out. Mine is in flower at this time. I don't have any young offsets at this time, to compare it. Norma

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

I believe it is a 4 inch pot...the plant is quite small.

On Arid Lands website they have one that they call Sansevieria ballyi...looks quite a bit like this one...link below for comparison.

I guess only time will tell?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sansevieria ballyi

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Ballyi # 12681 leaves can get as long as 6" after a while. It is now called "Minnie" by Juan Chahinian. There are several species, var. forms of this plants which are all slightly different. From the picture I can't tell which one you have. If it is a suffruitcosa there are also several forms of these as well. S. humbertiana, S. caulescens S. phillipsiae syn. hargesia or hurgeisiana, then there is S. Bella with it's four forms
There sevearal that I must have missed, all of these Ssansevieria have stolens above the ground, make excellent basket plants, if you don't mind having your eye put out. They are simliar but not the same. Many Sansevieria start out as rosettes, then grow to a juvenile stage, with leaves growing longer as they mature.
EXAMPLE: San. fisherii . Norma


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