Transplant shock - Yvonne's

tcs1366April 4, 2009

I have 2 Yvonne seedlings that out grew their pot. I put them in a much larger pot, as i cant not get them outside yet because i'm zone5.

They have really wilted and i would just be crushed if they keeled over on me.

is there anything i can do to get them out of this "shock"?



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A couple of things prune it back about 1/3 so the roots can
support the foliage. The other thing is put in in the tub or sink and water it if all the water comes running out immediately.Give it a hour or two for the soil to swell to the outside of the pot and water again. One other option
is to put your plants on a deep saucer and put water in the Saucer. If it is dry the soil media will wick it up and the plant should stop wilting. Next time it gets dry you can do the same thing.

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Thanks Art ... they are looking back to normal this morning.

I ended up giving it a drink of Compost tea and SuperThrive [i had a gallon made up] and that possibly helped.

At least the next move will be into the ground.

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You may nat to collect seed from your Yvonne's so as to
help distribute this plant to other gardens. What Size does yours grow to?

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Art -- this is my first year with them... so i don't know yet how tall they will get. That is one reason i started some seeds in the house, so they'd get a jump on the winter sown ones or even direct sown ones.

I am a huge seed collector ... so that wont be an issue.

I got the seeds i have from a very generous 'donater' here on GW, and was able to split my seeds with 4 others. So, yes - I do plan to continue on Yvonne's seeds.

From what i've read, she was a very generous woman.

When mine do bloom this summer... i will be sure to post images on that "Yvonne's thread"

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

It occurs to me that Yvonne's sage needs to be preserved at some botanic gardens. The one with the largest collection of Salvia splendens I know of is:

Rotary Botanical Gardens 608-752-3885
1455 Palmer Drive
Janesville, WI 53545

Longwood also would be interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rotary Botanical Gardens

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Maybe Cabrillo would like some. I still need to get my envelope off so I can get this into Zilker Botanical gardens here in Austin Too.

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Rich -- thanks for that info. I pass thru Janesville all the time on my way north. I may look into that Garden.

My Yvonnes are looking totally back to normal.

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