What might I get from 'Cerro Potosi' seedlings?

christie_sw_mo(Z6)April 17, 2008

I collected seeds from my Salvia 'Cerro Potosi' plant last summer and now have 20+ seedlings. I don't know what color the species would be so I'm wondering if they'll all be about the same color or will vary a lot from the mama plant.

Also - Does anyone know if they're fast growing and will likely bloom the first year?

I'm down to just 9 Darcyi seedlings now. The number keeps dwindling for various reasons. It seems I always worry where I'm going to put them all when I grow plants from seed but by the time I plant them out, it's easy to find room. lol

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I have only one seedling that has appeared in my garden
from Cerro Potasi.The seedling is very different the parent.
the other parent was S.greggii "plum wine" it has smaller flowers and foliage like "plum wine" but the flower color is like Cerro Potasi. I have name it Salvia "Plum Crazy"
so as to keep with the parentage.The other thing you need to know is I have S. greggii directly on the other side of our sidewalk. I also have S.x Red Velvet seelings plus several other forms mixed in.Depenting on what other Salvia's you have they will bring in other genetics too.Your parent plants will influence that. I would also like to trade some seed and cuttings if your are interested. My e-mail is arthur.petley@sbcglobal.net I live in Austin Texas so some of my lower altitude Salvia's may not do as well in your environment. Have fun anyway you never know what nature will throw your way!!

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The closest other salvias would've been guarantica (one each of Black and Blue, the plain species, and Argentine Skies) about 10 or 12 feet away and some greggis about 20 feet away (Stampede Salmon, Navajo Rose, and Skylights Magenta. I didn't intentionally try to pollinate it with anything but you never know. I'd be happy to trade. I will send you an email. Thanks

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