Sans fans attending CSSA in San Diego

penguinesqueMarch 17, 2011

I am a member of the ISS and the Cactus and Succulent Society of Mass. I will be attending the CSSA conference in San Diego this April and am trying to get a group of sansevieriaphiles together. If anyone is going to the conference and would like to join in, let me know.

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I know a few Sans heads in SD - email me privately and I'll see if I can hook you up with them, if you're (and they) are so inclined.

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I can't attend the convention this year, any one who would like to come here would be welcome. I just can't walk those long hotel halls. Norma

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Thank you for the invitation, Norma. This will be my first conference, and I am very excited. I am in the process of scheduling a sansevieria interest group meeting during the conference. If there is enough interest, I would like to see an ISS meeting at each CSSA conference. Members in the USA are not able to attend the meetings of the UK-based ISS. So far, response from the organizers seems positive. I am waiting to see whether we are given a meeting room and a place on the official meetings roster.

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We had a meeting at the last CSSA convention after hours. about 30 people atteneded. Very little input was given. Alan Butler was the orgainizer of the program. I hope he is at this convention. I didn't see his name listed as a speaker. My home may be used if needed, I just may be too far away. I will not be attending this year, my age will not permit it. I really don't like conventions just to many people, and I need too much help getting around I don't know a soul there. Norma

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