spotted and oozing sap sans cylindrica

spiffycatApril 25, 2009

These plants are supposed to be easy! Why is my new gorgeous sans cyl oozing sticky sap(?) and spotting at the top of the leaves.

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It was watered too much then turned cold. They are very winter sensitive to water. That has been my experience. Norma

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My S. cylindrica oozes, too. This is nectar, which carries the plant's energy and internal nutrition for new growth. This is not harmful, but in fact a sign the plant is successfully storing energy and sending it towards new growth. (My orchids do the same thing when they're expanding new flower stalks.)

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Spotted means too much water the wrong time of the year. Oozing means to much water, the plant can't handle
Coming from the bottom of the flower stem or bottom where the flowers are attached or where it attached to the punduncle is okay.

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