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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)April 7, 2004

I am a bit confused about the light requirments of the different species of these plants. Some of them look like their relatives, the agavies. It seems they would almost like some full sun, and yet all I read says bright light or even full shade. I have one sitting in my den, but it looks so "cactus-like", I worry that it is not getting enough light there. I also put some of them on a North side of a wall but at one spot it has a tree overhanging it and it is very shady under there. I have had the regular type of sans before and am well aware that they can take quite low light situations, but now that I have a few of the more diverse kinds, I am getting confused as to where I can safely put them. Any input on this would be appreciated.


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alz_(z7b NC)

Hello Marcy,

Its me Al hehhe. Nice to see you again.

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

Hi Al....yes, I didn't hear from anyone over at the other forum for several days so I thought I'd see if anyone was around here with any input. Ha.
I notice messages appear here almost immediately while they have to wait to be approved over there too.
I also don't think people check the sans forums as often as they do other more general ones. Thanks again for your input on my questions.

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jderosa(z6 NJ)

I have never grown Sansevieria in the ground, living in New Jersey. But I can tell you that the 'soft leaved' varieties seem to do better in some share, and the 'hard leaved' varieties seem to do better with more sun.

I try to never put any of my plants in an area where they get sun all day - from dawn to dusk. That's just too much sun for most plants. I try to provide at least 4 hours of sun, but no no more than 6 hours if possible. ALl of my sansevieria look great, and most flower when mature.

Sansevieria have a reputation for being low light plants because they can survive these conditions. But they don't thrive in low light. Some people also keep cactus in low light because they last a long time (if you don't water them at all). This doesn't mean that cactus will trhive in low light long term.

Joe 'but what do I know' DeRosa

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

Thanks Joe.....that is kind of the feeling I got when I look at some of them. It just seems that they would like more light. I think I will move the one out from under that overhang of the tree and let it get a bit more sun. Also, I guess I will move the other one from the low-lit family room to outside. It is warm enough here now. If I aquire any more of these things, I am going to have to make a special shelf or table or something for them.
Boy, plant collecting requires a lot of room I have discovered. Ha Ha

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