Ahhhh! Yessss, my black and blues

hummersteveMay 7, 2007

I had no luck trying to grow from seed so I ended up ordering 5 small plants and that was just as well for Ive been told they wouldnt be true anyway. So I couldnt wait to get those babies in the ground and put a couple lady in reds with them. I really would like to find coral honeysuckle , not sure if lowes might have those or if they would need to be ordered also, maybe not this year.

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I have never tried to grow B&B from seed, and have yet to even harvest a seed. I did overwinter 4 that I purchased last year, in my Florida room, which didn't get below freezing this year, surprisingly. I already purchased a flat of LIR and a half flat of Coral Nymph, which have been planted in windowboxes already. I went to the local nursery at lunchtime, to get my Gartenmeister fuschia, and asked if they'd be getting in B&B's, and he said probably next week, or the following. I'd rather go to a small nursery than Lowes, which is the only place I could find B&B for the last 2 years.

Anyway, you might want to try Mail Order Natives for the Coral Honeysuckle. I ordered 2 plants from them last year, one honeysuckle, but it died. I believe it was my fault, since it was doing so well then suddenly died. I know Penny has ordered from them. Hmmmm, now I might have to order another, or two...

Here is a link that might be useful: Mail Order Natives

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Hi Tracey

Yes, sunlight gardens also has coral and goldflame honeysuckle. I got the black and blue from meadow view gardens and they were in good shape when I recieved them although they were small.

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I have been growing black and blues for three years now. I planted 3 - 1 gallon plants three years ago and they have massively spread. I've been able to successfully transplant some.

BTW, humming birds LOVE these salvias.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I don't even see seed from mine cause I cut the spent blooms off so it will stay in bloom almost constantly .I bought one small 8 inch pot of some 2 years ago.It has spread where I planted it....and where I've transplanted it as well.Its the 1st plant the hummers will attact.

The long bed shot...I've since moved some to the front of the shot.

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gardenlady48(z5 IL)

Can someone please help me??? I live in central Illinois. I have bought 7 of the B & B's. After some really brisk winds....I have had several stems break. I'm so frustrated...I want them to get bushy like the pictures in njoynit's posting. I took the stems, used rooting hormone and potted them up. Is this the best way to propagate these?
Thanks, Pam

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Pam - I am seeing this late but if you put a cover over the cuttings (like a milk jug), make sure at least 1 - 2 nodes are below the soil (preferably 2 or more actually), and make sure they stay moist, they should root. I did some like that last year due to the same reason - breaking stems due to how brittle they are. The cuttings yielded me a couple more plants in a few weeks.

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CA Kate

If you prune the young ones (or older too) back to a set of leaves about half way down you will make them branch, which will make them stronger.... and have more blooms.

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I have been pinching back my plants, especially the black and blues and 4 of the 5 I ordered are definately looking full and lush with new growth . Someone had suggested to pinch them back till june. I forget what that top bead is called. Also and I think it was tracey suggested to feed them with 1/4 strength miracle grow when I water which I am doing. I have one lady in red that is doing particularly well. Fun to watch them grow isnt it.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

ok when trimming mine.The blooms will almost be gone I snip that stem portion off& you will see that on EACH side of that stem a new stem is forming to send up blooms. its like looking at 'Y' and removeing the stem from the center.Mine are well fertilized,due to the brugmansias whose roots they shade.

here's a few weeks ago.

I'll snap a photo.I HAVE to clean out my garden shed today today.Completely.Before it gets hot too.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

Here's the section I thinned.I moved it to the end....and some to MIL yard.....and some to SIL yard down the road ...Addy across the street.I moved some purple amranthus& sowed some seeds ones marigold& don't know the other& dropped in a pinch of formosa lilly seed.I would say it took them about a week to adjust& I gave them a shot of root starter.We've been in 90s so i'm proud of them.

pic 1
you see the stem where chip is in birdbath...their are NEW shoots comeing up on each side.

pic 2
you can see where the center is snipped and new growth.maybe 3-4 days old on each side

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