Sour apple suggestions?

magnoliasouthAugust 2, 2007

I looked over the list of varieties that the Alabama Coop suggested. I was a little down in the dumps to find that of that entire list, only two are suggested for my "Extreme South" location. To top it off they're both sweet varieties and while that's all nice and everything, I would like something sour.

Could anyone suggest a good dwarf-like sour tree that would do well in my area?

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Your biggest problem is lack of chill-hours. One of the few drawbacks to living that far South. However, it seems like I've seen some of the California fruit growers on the Fruit & Orchards forum indicate that they can get fruit from apple trees that the experts claim *shouldn't* bear, based on their chill-hours, so it might be worth visiting over there and emailing one of them(I can't recall for sure who it was - probably calistoga, pitangadiego, or joereal - one of those folks can probably put you onto the right track.).

Lady Williams(a seedling of Granny Smith) and Centennial crab both do well at my parents' home just outside of Auburn, but I don't know how they'd perform at Mobile. Both are nice, tart, apples.

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