using pebbles with mix

cghpndApril 18, 2013

Hey y'all. I just noticed that my sans is still wet from over 9 days ago. Not good is is? I have it still in the original soil n container. I have about half a bag of cactus mix n perlite. I have a lot of pebbles too. Before I kill this plant, can I use some pebbles in this mix with the perlite n cactus mix or should I go buy more perlite?

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Why not. I use crushed stone in my mix.

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Thats what I wanted to hear! =)
I got the stones yesterday (damaged bag they were selling 90% off) . I asked the guy if they could be used in containers and he said yes just to rinse them off, so I wanted to check first with y'all. Thanks!

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I would never use the original soil mix. I would transplant it into a new clean container and try a mix of 60% pumice o 40% coarse washed contruction sand or perlite med. size or large depending on the size of the pot and the species you have and only 10% organic mix.(Red wood bark med size.)(or "Orchard mix" If the plant is small then use a very small pot until it grows into that, and keep moving it up every year with new soil, this give you a chance to look at the roots and see it they are healthy. Most San just don't get bugs, and I quote Hermine Stover on this remark "end of conversation". Norma

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

How large are the pebbles?
Smooth stones are not as good in a mix as rough-edged stones with irregular shape.


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Well I could only get my hands on the MG cactus, palm and citrus soil from HD. Also the perlite and construction pebbles. I washed them off and let them dry before I mixed them. They are all different shapes and sizes, not big though. Everything is so expensive around here so that was my best choice. This was for the big snake plant. Seems to be ok so far. I stick my finger in there and it seems to be drying great! I think that's the correct term to use???? Im such a newbie lol... The original soil it came in was wet for over a month and I say a month because I did not water it after I bought it so it was still wet from them so I Knew that soil was no good. I could grab a hand full and squeeze it and a lot of water would come out. Almost had a nightmare with the old soil.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I'd skip the pebbles entirely, just use 40-50% perlite w/ the MG soil. That should be fine, Sans. aren't too fussy abt mix, but they do need it to be fast draining, which it won't be w/out adding that much perlite.

We're assuming the pot has a hole for drainage, pls. check this is so. Also if you have a choice, go for an unglazed clay pot rather than plastic.

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Hey yall. So far the pebbles are working. The pot is big. About 3 gal I guess. Why use a clay pot over plastic? Just curious. So could I use orchid mix for any house plants.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, but I have no idea of big a pot that is, or how big your plant is. Pix would help, but ideally, the pot needn't be more than a inch or 2 larger around than the diameter of the rootball.

Using clay pots helps stabilize some Sans, which become large &/or topheavy or tippy. Also helps combat overwatering especially if a pot is large for its plant.

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