1st snake plant is dying :(

cebiginalaska(3a)April 13, 2013

Just bought my first ever plant that I am trying to keep alive. I wanted a plant that is able to survive in "lower light conditions" When it arrived it was in 4 inch pot which was way to small for this big plant and was shipped not marked with "this side up" stickers. The soil was all over the plant and was packed with dead leaves and some sort of dead green colored roots that were not connected to the plant. There is still dirt on the arms / leaves and there looks like there is some white stuff growing on one of the arms.

I have the plant in a older coffee pot. When it first arrived I over watered it. The soil was very moist and wasn't able to drain anywhere but I thought it would be okay if I leave it and let it dry up on its own. I don't know if it is getting enough sun light but I do try let it have as much sun light as my location will allow. No south facing windows and When it does have sun light it will be only about 3 hours a day when it is sunny.

I tried contacting the seller but they said it should be fine within 3 months. They also stated they are sending me a "steel plant" which should be the best "future" plant for me. I have no clue what that means.

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I cut the middle arm off and one of the side arms to try and propagate them

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I don't know if I just ruined my plants chance of surviving but I uprooted the whole plant and rinsed it out even the roots. Then carefully patted it down with paper that absorbs water. Re-potted the plant in a bigger container with some little bulbs that I found after I cleaned the roots.

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Are these things "Baby Snake plants"???

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Picture of the re-potted plant with the little bulbs and one of the little stumps that was an arm at the bottom of the plant

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Potted cuttings without letting them "heal" in the air without adding any moisture to the miracle grow potting mix.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Sounds like you know a little bit about plants. Every thing you did is great but the soil being used in the last step. Try a cactus mix with perlite 50-50 or so. They need fast draining mix that don't hold water too long. Those bulbs look like sections of roots that are rotting. Snake plants come from underground root sections called rhizomes. Good luck. So far it looks like it will be ok.

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Thanks for your Input Stush. All the info that I have learned was from the Gardenweb Forum from you guys :) I will try and order some cactus mix. The bulbs still had dirt on them. I moved them to their own little containers to see if they will grow. If they don't I will just throw them away.

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Hello Cebiginalaska,

Funny, the "bulbs" look just like the thick roots that spider plants (Chlorophytum) grow...I wonder why they were in there? If that is what they are, I don't think they'll grow plants from them.

Does the new container have lots of drainage holes? This is a vitally important detail, especially with Sansevierias. They do not tolerate being wet. I let mine get dry before watering. A rule I've heard a lot for them is "if you're unsure about whether or not to water, then wait another day or two".

Overall it's a good looking plant, and the photo of the roots looked pretty good too. I think it will do just fine!


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Yes, it could only need water once or twice during the whole winter. Outside in more sun and heat, might need water almost daily. IME, those with the yellow-striped sides can't handle more than a few hours of sun per day.

I agree that soil look way too fine. Something with larger particles that have lots of tiny air pockets between them would be much more appreciated by your Sans. The quicker it dries, the more healthy it will be.

This is what S. trifasciata looks like under the soil. I wonder if the little bulbs you found were new rhizomes that are just more round on this kind of Sans. I'm pretty new to the yellow-striped one, and haven't unpotted it since it was first repotted last spring, when I got it. Will definitely take some pics when I do.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Folks,

Sorry I'm late to the conversation. I think those little oblong roots are from another plant altogether. I don't believe they're from this plant, I don't think they're shaped like that. I think they've fallen in the pot from something else.

I'd just buy some perlite & take this out immediately & mix this mix w/ 50% perlite. The soil it's in puts it at risk of rotting (sorry). Also the pot MUST have a drainage hole or else, don't even bother, this plant cannot grow like that.

(Sorry, but the combination of the bad soil & the coffee pot w/out a hole would likely have doomed it.)

If you need to do other things to the plant, pls. do it dry, you can just crumble dry mix off w/ your fingertips, washing the roots off is not helpful to these plants.

What we say abt succulents & watering is actually, when in doubt, don't.

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It does look like it will be ok. the roots looked pretty health too. It will take time for that wrinkling to go away but by the time you notice that it will already be healed. I agree with the need for faster draining soil though. I usually just cut my MG potting mix (moisture control or otherwise) with a good bit of perlite. And I do mean a good bit.

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