Can anyone tell me what is happening to my Boogies? PICTURE!

mannye(z10 Miami Beach)August 23, 2004

I took a picture of my bouganvillas to see if anyone can tell me if there is something obviously wrong with them.

All the blooms fell off when I transplantd them, which I kind of expected. That was many months ago and the one on the right bloomed about a month or so ago, only to have the blooms fall off within a week.

I do not water them at all unless we don't get rain for more than a month and then I water deeply and only two times in a week before letting mother nature take over again.

I have only fed them once about 4 months ago using something that was specially designed for these plants (do not remember the name and the garage is too hot for me to go look right now)

What is wrong?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Blooming_annie(z 8/9, Chas, SC)

I don't have a clue but love the picture. You might want to try the Florida forum where more people can grow bouganvillas. They don't usually winter over here.

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how long do you water 2x a week, also do you have a sprinkler system. they look very vigorous which means they are getting probably too much of something
also, some kinds have to be older to bloom better
just remember, where they bloom the best, in the Key's, they get NOTHING.
you might want to try this: buy bloom fertilizer, mix as per direction and spray the leaves, but don't do it in the middle of the day. i did that with my bleeding heart and it helped to produce blooms.

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BarbC(8 coastal SC)

Bougies will bloom better with less water and even less fertilizer. The more neglected, the better.

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Manny E Just wait for the fall. They'll be beautiful.

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