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joe_inflz8b(z 6b KY)April 2, 2006

Hermine asked me to pass on to the other sans lists. Most of you know Norma Lewis. If anyone needs her home address please e-mail me joeflaherty@usa.net.

joe flaherty

Norma asked me to tell you that her husband Chuck, has gone on that

very mysterious final adventure. He did not suffer.

He was a very fine fellow, I can attest to that, and because Norma

has lived in the same place for a long time, she is not alone, she is

well surrounded by the people whom she has befriended over the years,

and has at least one daughter living very nearby.

the funeral will be at Mt Sinai

right by forest lawn/Mt Sinai Griffith park 3:15


and norma will be sitting Shiva, at home for at least two or three

days. It is customary to visit, to bring sweet things, which should

be Kosher. In order to make sure something is Kosher, (for those of

you who may be out of practice) you need to get something which is

marked Kosher or which comes from a certified Kosher bakery or food

store. I am sure Norma would not be offended if it were not really

Kosher, but i am just telling you what the ceremonial forms are like.

What I would do if I were coming and did not know where to get a

Kosher food, would be to telephone ANY rabbi where you live right

out of the yellow pages and ask, where should I get this, food to

bring or send to a person sitting SHIVA------ and also one can have

such things delivered to her home.

for example, i did a search and came up with this:


anything on this page would be nice to send.

If anyone from Los Angeles is coming, I found this page


which has a bunch of kosher bakeries.

write to me for more details, her address and so forth. It is good

for her to feel the opposite of ALONE at this time.


Hermine Stover

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logan33(z6 OH)

My thoughts are with Norma at this time. A kind a generous woman. My condolences. Logan

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Thanks Joe for posting this (while I'm a bit mixed about such a public posting like this) I didn't know it was her husband so thanks for letting us know, (esp. if requested by Hermine). I knew them both, was guest at their home 3 summers ago; both splendid, lovely & generous people, so it's particularly sad. As a friend of hers, I will be contacting her privately.

As a fellow Jew I'd like to add that traditionally sitting SHIVA lasts for a WHOLE WEEK. Pls. keep this in mind in case she does not respond to contact for a whole week (or longer), that's likely to be why.

(In case you don't know, Kosher packaged goods are marked w/ a 'K' on their label.)

As to Kosher or not, as a gracious person, I KNOW Norma will appreciate whatever kindnesses & expressions of sympathy folks choose to show her.

Pirate Karen

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