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Enterotoxigenic00April 2, 2013

I left a message under, 'sans exchange inactive,' about a box of sans I bought a the swapmeet up here at the end of last summer. It was a very hot day around 112 when I came across a seller with a big box of dried, beaten up looking sans.
I tried to hide my excitement but I'm sure I didn't fool him.
I took a chance on the box because the price was right and I couldn't go home empty handed.
When I got the sans home I stood them up in a pail of water for the night. Next day potted them up.
For the winter I did have to pot several up together to save room in the house, small house and lots of plants including DH chile plants.
So now the plants have lots of new root growth and spouting a few new offsets. The one pic with only offsets had a parent plant but it died when the pups started to emerge.

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I still haven't been able to post more than one pic at a time.
Following directions is not my forte'.

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Another one. This one has three rhizomes. There is another pot that has two of the same and with an offset ready to emerge.

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hmm, pic didn't post

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Nice sans, I hope you got a good price!

I can't tell what all those are that you picked up, but the first picture of a single type of plant is Sansevieria trifasciata "Moonglow", a very nice sans. The more light you give it, the paler those leaves will get and the less light you give it, the darker the leaves will get. The second picture is of Sansevieria masoniana "Mason's Congo", another nice sans whose leaves can get quite large. The plant with the chicken in the pot looks like Sansevieria cylindrica, another nice one. Mine is about 3 feet wide.

Good job!


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Nice! Also looks like a S. fischeri or two in the back and maybe a S. patens (not sure if that is a valid name?) in the front. Certainly a nice variety!

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A cylindrical!, Lol I have been looking for one and it's right here! I was thinking that it needed to be one that has several spikes shooting straight out of the soil. I was pretty sure about the S. fisheries.
I just moved them to a part of the room with moe light. Other plants were moved outside now that it has warmed up.

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Laura Robichaud

Nice haul! What good fortune for you and the plants.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

A great haul you've made there! Congrats to you & to others, to others, a good lesson in being ready when opportunity knocks, eh? Some real lovelies.

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