Salvia discolor poisonous?

sarahbn(z6Pa.)May 2, 2006

This morning I caught one of our pet rabbits eating the leaves of the salvia discolor(andean sage). Is it toxic? Our official last frost date is May 15th. Is it necessary to wait until then to leave my salvias outside or Can I leave them out all day and night now? Our lowest temperatures are in the 40's overnight and early morninig. Thanks Sarah

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I don't think that is poisonous, but it will quite likely cause digestive problems, if eaten, even though the blackcurrant smell is so pronounced!. S. splendens and S. divinorum are well-known as hallucigenic items. Many other Salvias might have strange properties .... but let's just enjoy the beautiful plants! If we want a "high" there are a multitude of other things to try! Other forums will advertise availability.

I have read that the leaves of the lovely S. dorisiana can be used in salads..without any this true?

Very best wishes......Robin.

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Thanks Robin I think it did cause some digestive problems for her she's such a naughty bunny she likes to eat elderberry also . IHer timouth hay seemed to help her indigestion.

I have no idea about all the other uses for salvia basically My one passion besides hummingbirds and native to eastern Pennsylvania plants is salvias but not for eating only for growing for the hummingbirds. I did hear where they outlawed salvia in Delaware which is right next to Pennsylvania. Sarah

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Salvia divinorum is being considered for outlawing in Delaware, not the whole genus. The persons that get into trouble with it are inexperienced teens that take huge overdoses.

See the attached link for details.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delaware death from Salvia divinorum overdose

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I know Richard I hear it on our local news it's the same as Delaware. They passed a law this week. it's a shame I have teenagers so I worry about these things so far they tell me they have only heard it mentioned on the news thank goodness!

Here is a link that might be useful: Law passed

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rhetrx(z7 MD)

I've never eaten discolor leaves, but I have sampled the nectar from the black flowers, and _my_ it is yummy.

No stomach upset from it, but there's not much nectar in even multiple blossoms, so the dosage is really low.


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I just planted a Salvia black and Blue in my garden. The garden gets full sun (and heat) until noon each day. I have watered the bed since planting and have noticed the bright green spade like leaves are turning black. Is the plant dying?

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I have Salvia g. Black and Blue in morning sun from 7-10
am it does great for me.Black leaves are not a good sign
it may not be terminal yet so....Is the bed mulched and did you fertilize your plant when you planted it? When do you water morning or afternoon? Any reflective sun ie:late afternoon ,white rock or brick behind your plant?
What part of the country are you in and What are the soil contitions it is planted in? You may want to try shading
the plant for a few hours and see if it starts to recover.
I apologize for all the questions, but more information is
needed to understand what conditions maybe effecting your plant.

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