Needing Information on Sansevieria

rose_crazy(z5 MI)April 5, 2011

Ok, I'm looking for any information people have on this plant. I'm looking at buying one from Logee's but know next to nothing about them. If I get one it's going to be for my office and I want to know if this is the right plant for the environment. Office is kinda bare and could really use a nice plant and since I love succulents this was one of the first plants I thought of, specially as it has both nice showy foliage as well as flowers.

Temperature in the office is kept at around 74 degrees and we have practically a whole wall of windows facing north. The variant I'm looking at is called 'Bantel's Sensation'. Any and all information is welcome. I want to make sure this is right choice.

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the plant will grow if you place it directly at the window. For flowers you would need probably more light.


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rose_crazy(z5 MI)

Hmm, bother. I don't have the option of placing it directly at the window. I share this office with another and their desk takes up the space directly under the window. Was planning of putting it across the room at the interest of light from the north facing windows and the west facing glass door. Maybe this is not the right plant for this space.

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Well, that complicates it a bit. I do have a normal Sans. trifasciata which is placed 2m away from and 1m below a skylight, but it only survives. No growth and certainly no flowers. The Banel's Sensation is even more handicapped due to its variegation.

Perhaps you can change to a philodendron or aspidistra.

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'Bantel's Sensation' is a difficult plant and usually very expensive. Try a Ficus Benjamina , or 'Rubber tree' I know I didn't spell the name of the Ricus correctly. all plants need light, some more then others.

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rose_crazy(z5 MI)

Ya, I've kinda given up on getting anything in the succulent or cacti families. Definately not enough light in this office. Tis very disappointing as I adore both those plant groups. *sighs* Well back to the drawing board to find a suitable, low-light plant. And thanks for the help!

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rose_crazy(z5 MI)

Ok, back. I know said I was done looking at this plant, but every single horticulure website I look at recommends Snake Plant for low light or northern exposure sites. So now I'm confused again.

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You can get a sans, just stay away from anything with a lot of light coloration to it. Bantel's Sensation is not going to be an option for you.
From my own experience, I have had great luck with S. trifasciata without the yellow borders, S. francisii , S. ballyi and S. cylindrica growing in lower light conditions. In fact my S. cylindrica makes babies like rabbits do! All of these plants are at least 8 feet away from a window, and my windows have a northeastern exposure. You won't get blooms with the lower light, but your plant, as a whole, should do fine.


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rose_crazy(z5 MI)

Ah, ok. That makes more sense now. Thanks. I'll go look up those other varieties (for coloration and shape) and then see where I can find them. Logee's has the S. cylindrica I think, not sure on the other ones you mentioned. Guess I'll have to do some more research. Again thanks for the help.

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Logee's has a few, Bob Smoley's had a large selection,Grigsby still may have a selection, I didn't look up her stock list today. Arid Lands has a large selection. Glass House Works has a smaller selection. I give my variegated plant either morning sun or afternoon sun 4-5 hrs. no more or they will burn. All of my variegated plants are treated in this manner. Mainly indirect light, about 9 ft awaay from the source, and with shade cloth on the roofing, and a tree in front of the morning sun and a garage in front of the afternoon sun, how far are you away from the North window? I would not try the more difficult plant species until you have some experience. I am guessing you may not have or you wouldn't have asked the question. I hope I didn't offend you. Give it a try, when you mail order dont't expect to get a clump only one head, ask for one with roots that you are a beginner. Norma

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Hi Rose Crazy, what I forgot to tell you after I described by Green House lighting is that I have shade cloth on the ceiling under the double plastic roofing material. So it is much shadier My plants don't burn but they don't as bad as the ones in situ. They are just coming out of dormacy. By the end of May they should look pretty good. I will start removing old growth during the summer, because there will be more light and more growth because of the warmth which most of them enjoy. The care is not the same for all species. So I'm still learning as well, I have some that get 8' high, I put that one in brighter light close to my north windows and on the side of the green house that has the tallest roof. S. stuckyi is a form of S. cylindrica v. cylindrica which is a species that can be recognized immediately. I have a species that grows on ancient coral beds, I get crush shells for her or crush my own clams, mussels shells. I have six books on the species one book will not tell the whole story, and with six books information is still missing. Norma

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Hi me again, my bank has them in their office, indirect light coming from a So. window, about 20 feet away from the window, they are doing fine and growing tall. They have been there for years. Is there a place in the office that you can get the plant near a window over the week ends? just a thought.

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You can also supplement their lighting with a fluorescent light source, placed fairly close to the plants. You can put that on a timer so that it will run even on the weekend. It need not be an expensive set up, and you can grow many more types of plants.
Logee's has neat plants, but you can probably get Sansevieira, particularly the more common ones, at a much large size and a MUCH better price from local nurseries, food stores, chain stores etc.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yes, I'd stay away from Logees or commercial nurseries, unnecessarily expensive.

For ordinary snake plants, look around your neighborhood, dry cleaners, restaurants, stores, banks. You could start a plant of your own from a leaf but that takes lots of time.

How about a box store, they ALWAYS have Snake plants. Was at my local Home Depot last week & they sure had some.

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