Bird of Paradise help

TLC27(7B)August 2, 2012

Hi All -

I brought the plant outdoors in May and all was well until a few weeks ago we had a couple weeks of scorching heat and then heavy rainfall. Leaves began to curl inward and I noticed some yellowing near the stalk. Now there are brown spots as well. Do I need more/less light & water? Keep it indoors year round? I didn't have these issues last summer (outdoors may-sept) or all winter & even grew a new branch! yay! I am a relatively inexperienced gardener and just don't know how to save it. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated...



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Generally these plants are shade grown so they should not be exposed to full sun. Each year, consider potting it up to the next size planter so its roots won't be against the plastic, exposed to the sun.

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