Purchasing Salvia Microphylla/Hot Lips

miss_huff(7)May 15, 2007

Hello! Does anyone know a good/cheap place to purchase Salvia Microphylla - Hot Lips?? I don't want to spend $10 one just one small plant! Thanks!

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Logee's Greenhouses has a sale right now, but I personally don't think 10 clams is all that much to pay for a quality plant. Have fun!


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ramazz(8a VA)

I got mine in ebay last year and I don't think I paid $10 even with postage. It is blooming like crazy right now - still in a pot. I was afraid to plant it out last year because I didn't want to lose it, but I think it will survive here in 7b, won't it?

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Hi, thank you both! Ramazz, I hadn't seen it or anything like it on ebay, so I forgot about that. You reminded me to check today, so I bid on one that will be $7ish if nobody else tries! I can't wait. Yes, it will survive here, or at least it does on my street in Atlanta! The neighbors have one that I've watched grow, and it is evergreen and absolutely HUGE. In fact, they moved to NY and the house is for sale - I thought I could just go and get a baby, but it seems to be one huge bush. Anyhow, the neighbors stare, so I thought I'd buy my own. Thanks!

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I found it yesterday at a local small grower's in MD for less than $4 in a 4" pot.

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I bought mine a couple of years ago at my local organic nursery, don't remember what I paid. It is now about 5 feet wide! I love it! Even if I had paid $10, it would be worth it. I grow it in partial shade here in Austin, and it does well.

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My Hot Lips Salvia died out with the brutal late winter we had. It is indeed a nice plant. Maybe will get another one next year.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Try Lowes which is where I purchased a gallon sized container for well under $10 last summer!

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