Feeding bush sages

warddaMay 13, 2008

Last year Richard advised me on how much Osmocote to use on individual bush sages, the memory has faded. Was it one tablespoon per plant?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

That's about right for a 1.5 cubic foot bush. I'd use about double for a robust microphylla. The really big broad-leaf sages probably can use four tablespoons, spread under the plant in a 1.5 foot radius and then covered with some mulch, or worked into the soil about one half inch.

The last action is to maintain a fairly steady humidity around the pellets , so they don't pop from totally drying out. When you see Osmocote that has been stored wet, then dried, there will be a lot of mini popcorn bits, caused by the rupture of the outer osmotic skin during drying. This reduces the value to ordinary fertilizer.

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