Salvia May night - dormant now or dead?

laurava(VA)May 12, 2007

Hi- we planted a bunch of salvia may nights pretty late in the season last year (very close to winter).. all of our plants have madew it except for this one it seems. They were pretty small in size but I don't see them anywhere where we put them.. Are they dormant at this time of year or can I assume they are dead? I live in DC area- zone 6. Please share any experience if small plants crop up later on (?) since I want to fill that area (I hope they are not dead).

Thank you so much, Laura

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I did the same thing a few years back when they were dirt cheap late in the season. I lost all of them. I think mine didn't have enough time to settle and establish and then I think the damp winter took care of them. You should have something growing there by now, if not, I think there are dead. Sorry.

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I am in Zone 6 in the Philly area and my May Nights are up and just begining to bloom so I think yours are goners. They are beautiful plants so try again this year with bigger plants if you can.

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Hi- I have reposted this three times now!! But thank you for letting me the know the harsh reality that they are dead- I went ahead and bought a bunch of smaller plants to plant now - I read they grow fast and I hope that is true! thank you so much again!


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