Sans cylindrica

elsier(z6 KY)April 20, 2004

I have just repotted mine, after several years in the same pot. Roots were starting to come out of the drainage holes, and the plastic pot was distorted into an oval shape by the many roots.

It will be much happier in it's new pot, I think. But I have a question. My plan was to separate the several plants. But I chickened out at the last moment and just moved the whole mass into the new pot. Could I have cut them apart with a knife and dusted the cut ends with something (what?)



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At this time of year with plants in full growth (dependant on your location, ofcourse)there should be no problem in cutting & dividing your Sans. Be careful to let the cut parts dry out for a day or two & re-pot into a porous & well aerated mix & keep on the dry side initially. You can also dust the cut surfaces with a sulfur based compound, usually green or yellow & available in garden stores or general stores. You'll find that Sans are quite forgiving & if the plants are well grown (as yours seem to be) then they'll soon recover from the shock & go on to produce even bigger & better growths. A mature S. cylindrica can easily reach six feet in height; remember these will only flower when mature - something worth waiting for.

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elsier(z6 KY)

Thanks for your advice, birdnestsoup. The individual stems on my plant are about two feet long, so I guess it is just a juvenile plant still. I have been having some good success with Sans flowering so far this year, so I am hopeful the cylindrica will bloom in the future as well.


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