What's eating 'May Night'?

lmarks(z6 NY)May 14, 2007

It's my first time growing Salvia. I just planted 3 'May Night' from a pretty reputable source (Brooklyn Botanic Garden) and they have suddenly developed all sorts of tiny holes in their leaves. Any idea what sort of pest this is, and what I can do to eradicate it? (Organically if possible.) Thanks!

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Maybe Gilbert Grape? :D I am probably a bad person for this, but I can't tell without a picture.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Sounds like it might be slug damage.

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Get some sluggo or bug-getta. The slugs and snails will eat it to the ground and eventually kill it.

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I not only get slug damage on some of my plants, but I also have problems with earwigs. They turn the leaves into lacey curtains. I recently put out cat food cans filled part way with vegetable oil, and I've captured hundreds. :)

For the slugs, I put beer in the cans, and bury them ground level.


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lmarks(z6 NY)

Lacey curtains is a pretty good description of these salvia leaves. Maybe I will try both measures - slug defense and earwig defense. I wouldn't know an earwig if I saw one but I have certainly seen slugs in my garden before. Thanks to all for the advice!

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