Salvia elegans 'Golden Delicious'

susanlynne48(OKC7a)May 14, 2010

I purchased and potted up into a larger pot, this Salvia in early April. The label said "full sun", but I am wondering if that's too much exposure here in Oklahoma City. The leaves have what I call "sun scald" meaning they are bleaching out. Labels are not always correct as we all know, so I thought I would go to the "real" source for growing good Salvia - you guys!

Should I be giving it a bit of afternoon shade and just morning sun?

I love the golden foliage on it, but it is not lookin' very good right now.


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My S.elegans "Golden Delicious" is in shade. Earlier
before my tree leafed out it was getting burned. Now it is fine. Morning sun for 2Hours and dappled Shade all day.
That should be enough for it to bloom.

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I don't have Golden Delicious, but my other 3 Salvia elegans bloom and do best in part shade.

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Thank you all so much! It has been moved to a place under the big pine tree where it will get a bit (maybe 2 hours) of sun in the morning and shade the remainder of the day. I know I am a zone (at least) cooler than you all, but our Oklahoma sun can be very intense, and we had some days in the 80s that were really hot for a while, plus we get a lot of wind (...sweeping down the plains) that could also contribute to some burn on the foliage.

I'm glad to hear it will bloom in this exposure, too.

Do you guys fertilize yours or not?


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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

It's annoying to me that most growers seem to 'hedge their bets' on the labels. Where I am, 10 miles west and everything can grow in full sun,so I do understand it, but not where I am and the labels always say "Full Sun / Part Shade". Leaves me asking other growers with my climate where they are growing such and such....

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I work in a retail garden center believe you I do understand. They also snet these plant out to different
parts of the US. I am sure it will do fine in Seattle "Full
Sun". But in the heat belt that means better find some shade. Best to ask local people about local growing conditions for specific plant material. Although coming
here for info is better than what anyone else can offer.

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

When I first acquire a new salvia that I've not grown before, I'm careful with it and go for a part shade environment. When I've propagated more of them, then I try it in more shade and also in more sun then I can more accurately show/tell people how the plant responds in our area. I don't even get frost on my property and a mile away it's an entirely different story.

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Okay, now this plant has me thinking upside down. It has a bloom spike on it. Isn't it a bit early for it to bloom? It may not produce any more blooms until late summer/early fall, as all the websites I've read suggest. I could understand if I just purchased it with a bloom cuz lots of times they are grown in other areas under ideal conditions, and they fool people into thinking that it will bloom in spring, when in reality, it is not the norm.

So is this just pure coincidence?


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Plants that are grown in greenhouses will bloom out of Season. Several examples are Tagetes lucida (Fall Blooming)
will bloom in spring. S. leucantha if we have a mild winter
blooms in Spring and Fall(typically fall only). Southern Calif. Salvia chiapensis will bloom in winter ours will bloom in early summer.
The list goes on...

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