Salvia meyeri coll

sarahbn(z6Pa.)May 14, 2005

Does anybody know anything about this salvia? I ordered it from plants delight and It's not in either of my salvia books It's from Argentina blooms late summer and blue about 3 feet tall. I assume it likes to be in dry sun. Thanks. Sarah

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Salvia meyeri has recently been introduced to the UK. This is a very good plant, very hardy, with large light blue flowers with a white stripe on the lower lip. Sets seed also. Can grow to 5 ft. here. Flowers from August until the first frosts. It can be variable, there is a form with pure blue flowers, with no white markings.

This is my first posting to this site,

Cheers from Robin, in a cold UK spring.

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Hey Robin, GREAT to see you posting here! Come back often you'll be welcome and we'll be fortunate.
Cheri (aka hummymummy vancouver, b.c. canada z8)

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Robin thank you so much for the information on the salvia and welcome to the forum! I usully post on the hummingbird forum like hummymummy. But since hummingbirds introduced me to salvias I now love salvias! There's alot of great salvia experts on this forum like Richard Drufesne and salvia guy Hope the weather warms up for you. Sarah

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My salvia meyeri just started blooming last week and I took two pictures it's just as you described Robin Do you know if it's hardy in zone 6? Sarah

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This would appear to be very hardy in temperaures dipping to the low twenties. New growth should appear in May, but it will seed itself around. Over-wintered cuttings will produce much earlier-flowering plants in June/July. A large Salvia plant, the flowers are a beautiful colour, but except in early morning, there may not be that many flowers to be seen at the same time, rather like S. amarissima.

Regards from the UK,


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Thanks for the info Robin. Sarah

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How finicky is this plant? Mine is not very happy! Judging by the foliage color, it might be spider mites... We've had VERY hot weather, but now it's raining, so it's hard to tell. I've moved it to a sunnier location. It was in mostly shade.

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Can't believe this thread is 5 years old! Anyway...there has been lots of investigation into this plant...and no proper conclusions! Except that the name MEYERI is incorrect. (Meyeri was a synonym for S. atrocyanea, which is completely different.) Christian Froissart, the French expert, identified it as S. rhinosina, as shown in his wonderful book. As soon as his book was published, and on further investigation, he decided that the name 'rhinosina' was invalid, and that it is actually a from of Salvia stachydifolia! This confuses me as I now have 4 "forms" of stachydifolia. They are obviously all related, but quite different also. All are tuberous, and could become invasive. They are all totally hardy, but dislike intense hot sunshine....spidermite could be a problem in some areas. VERY difficult to get rid of the plant, should you need to. I had a huge 5-yr old "meyeri" in a completely wrong place in my garden, so last year decided to get rid of it. The tubers were at least 24" deep, and we had to use a pick-axe to get to the bottom. Guess what.......this was not is 6 ft tall again this the WRONG place!

Nurseries in the UK still sell this as Salvia meyeri.....all contributing to a mucking fuddle!

By the's a great Salvia.

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I have noticed many Salvias that are great in cooler climates need afternoon shade - Dappled shade in hotter
climates. Just as the heat loving salvias don't perform
(unless greanhoused)in a garden situation in cooler climates.

Does Rolando Uria have this Salvia in his garden?
We are going to Buenos Aires during Christmas Holiday.

Thank You!

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Art, have replied by PM to your enquiry. Robin.

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