Orange rose obsession

illutionaryJuly 31, 2014

Hello :)
Thought I would share some photos of my orange roses mainly but some other recommended Gems. Spent a lot of time tracking down a vendor for these and getting them through the nasty winters.
I guess it will be in a few posts since I'm not sure how to get multiple photos on a page.

"Prominent" Kordes . This has to be my favorite of the oranges. Quick to repeat and resilient. A deer came and ate every leaf off 3 days after I potted the 4x4 band and it spring back with vengeance. The orange is hard to photograph but its a nice monochromatic pure orange. Almost exactly like that of Crayola's orange crayon. The blooms are consistently shaped and it has a slight scent. The only downside I can think of and it might change with time is the blooms are not very big 1.5-2 inches. This is however only his first year. :) All in all I would recommend this bush to everyone! Bought at
Another very good example of the color, if not better:

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SALITA. Kordes. Another hard to photograph beauty. The color is striking. Blooming neon with overlays of red. Solid color that fades a bit but is still excellent along the way. Blooms have a wonderful shape and finish of convexly when at full mast. Pretty slow to repeat and climb but it is well worth the wait. Bought at

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Opening night. Jcolber. Perfection. I adore this rose. I got this as a terrible grade bare root at k-mart some years ago. It grew lopsided with few canes. Then 2-3 years ago it blew up; filling out on all sides and building great density. The color is astounding and takes weeks to fade. Its is a deep, rich, blood red with a velvet finish. Its color is not within my ability to capture (it looks lighter in my photos)but take my word for it if the conditions are anything like mine here this bush is captivating. The shape of every bloom is spot on opening to pure cutting perfection and finishing to a more cupped for with lose ruffled edges. No scent as expected and deep risk green leaves. This bush as you can see covered its self with flowers and is quick t ore peat. A must have for my next garden.

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Rock N' Roll. WEKgobnez. Bought at small shop in town. A fun rose as over the years the flowers have gotten bigger. A super strong contrast of colors and the red being a seductive warm shade. The flowers all have excelet from but are not tall more of a short saucer shape. The smell amazing and come in flushes. It is a fun bush to grow but Next time I would move it to its own spot as it looks a bit out of place among my other monochromatic flowers.kind of a low shrub shape bush COVERED in a storm of thorns.

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First Prize. This is the last one I will share as I love my other bushes but these where the most noteworthy. The flowers are HUGE 5-7 inches across. Exquisite shape that would make a florist blush. the color is soft and elegant. It fades a bit but not enough to make it un attractive. This plant is difficult though. Maybe its because its up against my house but it tends to grow a little funny and I lost 1 or 2 over the winters in the past. Irts well worth the effort and if baby pink is your color this is a dream. I have moved on to orange and red as my focus for plants but I would not hesitate to find this bush again if I wanted to expand my pallet in the future.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

All your roses look really good illutionary!

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Thanks Jim,
Its been longtime coming trying to get them up to par.

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Your roses look fabulous, they are gorgeous and healthy, thanks for sharing.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Awesome roses!! I especially liked your commentary about them.

Your photo of Rock & Roll is exceptional!!! Wow!!

I really like Salita. Wow!! Stunner!!

All of your roses are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Thanks for including me in your ORANGE rose obsession, Illutionary. Just loving this thread. Thanks!! :o)

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beautiful roses

They are truly inspiring.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Wonderful capture of Salita.

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Those are fantastic looking roses. It would be hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for the detailed description of each one. How do you keep your leaves looking so healthy?

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WOW, thank you all for the kind words.
I highly recommend those bushes they are extremely satisfying plants. The colors are out of this world and how they will change very in each climate/photo is quite an exciting thought. I spent a long time finding the oranges I wanted hope this helps others pick a plant for roughly the same color. Any who, to keep the leaves healthily I don't do much I keep deer scram on hand, which is a miracle product, use a granulated bayer fertilizer and never spray the leaves with water. Sadly I tried Neem oil one night not sure if it didn't dry or what but a few days later I had a lot of black leaves and the bugs swarmed in. So I won't be using that anymore.

Lastly heres my Kordes Brilant (the lack of i is part of the breed name) Not sure where I aquired this but will find out because it took some doing.This bush is hit or miss. It has an extreme degree of color; It is absolutely toxic neon red orange and only gets more red and not faded over the time of the bloom. Decent repeat nothing exceptional and the form is lose and ruffled opening fully to show the stigma and pistil. As you can see in the smaller shot in the corner with a flash the camera just cannot capture the sheer intensity of the color. My recommendation is if you want a serious flash of color and don't mind a loose form you would enjoy this plant.

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Heres a shot of how the Opening Night rose looks up close.

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

I was "blown away" by beautiful Salita .
I too am a orange rose lover, but the lurker kind.

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seil zone 6b MI

They're all beautiful but Salita was my fav!

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@seil and @inga007 Thanks! Salita was a true under dog. I had a Midas Touch trained on a trellis near it that thankfully dies this winter. Its blooms where exceedingly short lived they opened faded and fell off in a day or 2. once that died Salita who had one flower last season shot up these beauties. I was careful to prune, water and fertilize just enough this year. Salita is a slow repeat but that first round of color before it fades to a strong salmon orange is just stunning when the temperature cooperates. They last pretty long on the plant as well. Hope you get to check one out soon.

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