controling size of Salvia clevelandii

terrie9May 22, 2006

In ingnorance I bought 3 Salvia clevelandii's for an area that limited to 3'tall and maybe 2' wide. If I keep each plant in a 12" pot, will that help contain it's growth, and, can I keep pruning it to maintain it's size? Do you know where I can see some photos of a mature Salvia clevelandii?


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

You are in California, I assume, so you will get plants up to 5 feet tall and wide. That is the size of the plants on Betsy Clebsch's home. Pruning them will work, but will reduce the number of flower heads. I assume you are talking about the common clevelandii x leucantha crosses like `Aromas' and `Pozo Blue' and not true clevelandii like `Winnifred Gilman'. True clevelandii is a smaller plant by about 60%.

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CA Kate

rich: we usually are sold "Winifred Gilman" or similar cultivars.... which get to be 4't x 5'w.

After the S. c are done blooming here, I prune them down to lower growth; if I'm lucky they might bloom once again, then I'll need to prune back once again or they get too woody and don't last very long.

However, IF you leave the blooms on to turn to seed you just might be visited by Wild Canaries (Yellow Finches) who love the seeds.

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