marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)May 23, 2013

Are all salvia plants invasive? I just bought a couple of salvia plants from Lowes called Mexican Bush Sage.


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Some are, but most are not. Without doubt the most invasive are S. procurrens and S. scutellarioides, but these can easily be ripped out.

Others are various forms of S. guaranitica, S. uliginosa, and S. meyeri (aka rhinosina and stachyfifolia), these are tuberous and can sprout all over the place. Also S. forreri and S. arizonica........all these are difficult to get rid of, should you want to. Also S. darcyi and S. Penny's Smile.

Mexican bush sage.....leucantha? not invasive, but roots are very deep.

Hope this helps..........Robin.

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marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)

Thanks Robin,

I have been trying to find s. guaranica, but none of the box stores carry it. I am trying to plant plants to attract hummers. The sub division I live in won't let us put up feeders. So my only recourse are to try plants.


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In no way would I categorize Salvia leucantha as invasive. It spreads slowly, but that is a plus, not a minus.

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