warddaMay 13, 2008

I stopped at the local nursery to pick up something and noticed they were selling two greggii types, one called Raspberry and the other called Coral. The first I guess might have been Raspberry Royale and the other looked a lot like California Sunset except the flower seemed a bit larger. I hate to test out new sages unless I know what their names really are. It is easy enough to lose tags so adding unknown right from the get go really bothers me. What if it turns out to be a super performer hereabouts?

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CA Kate

So, experiment with a couple of each and see what they really can do. I agree, I like the correct latin names for my plants too... then there are no confusions.

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I'll probably pick up the Coral one. That one is also advertised at Magnolia Nursery and I'm a sucker for salmon. It would be nice to have a truly hardy salmon greggii for this area. At $4.00 a plant it is an inexpensive experiment.

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Speaking of local nurseries, I plan on my first trip to rather famous nursery for this area. It is family owned and is not a mail order company. " Cox's plant farm" speciallizes in vegetables and feed and farm products, but they also have a huge greenhouse area. Last year I picked up some black and blue there and some greggii and lady in red. To be truthfull I hope I dont see anything I want, but its a nice day coolish but sunny. I have already called there and they say no B and B yet, so maybe im safe.

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These names could be species from Mexico. We sell a Raspberry form here in Texas that is a Lavender purple
the leaves are dark green,very small and have a unique
smell. The coral has a larger leaf than raspberry but
not as strong a smell.They take our 100 degree heat as
well as unpredictable weather.I finally got my camera working so we will try to post some pic's to see if it is
the same plant.Are there any tags identifing the wholesaler
ie: Colorspot,Hines,San Marcos Growers ?

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I guess there are just a lot of bush sages named Raspberry.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If we are talking about greggiis, there is the hybrid Raspberry Royale, which I released many years ago; Royal Raspberry, of unknown garden provenance and largely disappeared; Raspberry Ripple, with an origin in Oregon or Washington (see archives on the Yahoo Salvia group): Dark Dancer, distinct from the others in being taller and having fewer but larger flowers, frm M. Nevin Smith at Suncrest Nurseries in Watsonville, CA; and Raspberry Delight, a relatively new one from David Salman of High Country Gardens, which seems to be a more compact form and perhaps more durable, though this needs to be tested outside the southwestern USA.

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peterls(N Yorks, UK)

Rich - I have a book by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix which shows a picture of S microphylla var. wislizenii 'Rasberry Royale' described as an American variety with a tight habit and deep magenta flowers. Is that your hybrid? The words var. wislizenii part are fairly specific.

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