What do wild natural Sansevieria look like?

nokiApril 3, 2011

How do wild natural Sansevieria look like, compared to domesticated cultivars? Solid green? Some variegation? Form?

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Hi noki,

that depends. The longtudinal variegations do not occur in the wild, as they weaken the plants considerably. The markings of eg Sans trifasciata do. But note that wild plants often are scorched, parched, partially eaten or in any other way damaged.


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There're nice pics up on tonrulkin's flickr (http://goo.gl/7RPCH)
S. kirkii

S. stuckii

sp. Mount Maco

sp. Kundue forest type

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There are more varieties and spieces then we think, natual hybrids, and mine look like the pictures shown, I grow mine hard, I want the plants to look like the wild plants. They are not grown lush in Africa getting water only 5 mo. about during their Winer, and very little at that. The animals dig them up to get water from the rhizomes, and for food. The berries are not ediable. They are not that terrific to eat, because of the fiber. Norma

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I had an easy time recognizing the species, depending what season and weather it is a tropical one or not and growing in the right location. I won't even share mine if it is not the correct season. I start mine in July 1 to Sept 20th after that it is too cold where I live, and I don't have room for a heat mat. I still have my grandmother's plant and it flowers on new growth only. Norma

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Mine don't look quiet that bad. but almost, and they are in pots, I toss out the old growth, and keep only the new because those will be the ones that will flower. I purchased mine, one good one a year, and worked long hours to get the rest. I didn't get paid for the time. Each one is dear to me, often collected by the friends and professionals that taught me how to take care of them. When they flower I can't go into the green house they smell like Gardena, They start to open after dark, and continue each night a few at a time in each cluster,(3-6) and die in the morning. I keep the greenhouse closed so there arn't any moths to fertilize for me. I writing this for information for the purposes hopeing that you will gather some information from each of my posts. I am quiet interested in sharing any and all information that I still may have in my head, it is getting older every year. Hugs to all, Norma

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