Sansevieria Manolin (Manolyn)

johnb_dallas(7b)May 19, 2009

Does anyone know where I can acquire an S. Manolin (alt. spelling: Manolyn). I've seen it advertised at Glassworks but I've seen some negative postings on them and the one plant I've ordered has been slow to receive. The description: "Beautifully pinkish-cream striations over the arched sword leaves (appearing 2 to 3 per node, suggesting affinity to S. guineensis)." (from Glassworks) I've seen one on eBay but the end of the auction is nearly 6 days off and I've already been outbid twice and the price is still climbing. I thought I'd post here to see if anyone had any info before ordering from Glassworks.

BTW, I noticed some people questioned ordering plants on eBay but I've been getting plants from Karole at the eBay store 'krimsonkreek'. You can 'buy now' instead of bid, she gives a shipping discount for multiple orders (even refunding $20+ to me when I made three orders in close succession, she proactively provided the shipping discount sent all the plants together and refunded the money to my PayPal account!). Plants are sent bare root but well packaged and sent by UPS - arrival as stated was 2-3 days (Shipped Friday, received Monday). Plants selected were beautiful, appear healthy, and were packaged well for shipping so she's become one of my primary suppliers. Shes'a also has a FL state nursery license.

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If you have a good supplier, don't change. Manolyn looks looks like several Florida plants, in Calif. that are touchy to grow, (getting rust). I would stick with Karole, S. guinenses is a name that is not used any more in the trade. I think it may apply to the Florida Sansevieria? S. Tenzen grows like it and looks like it, but does not rust up, this plant was found and named by Hermine Stover.
Siam Silver may be the same plant, named changed in Thailand. I have all three. As a price guide the single head about 10" tall should sell between $18.00 and $25.00 no more. Norma

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Thanks Norma. This is definitely good information to have, particularly the info about the rust. I did get my S. SCHWEINFURTHII from Glassworks and it was an absolutely beautiful plant (and really large!). I noticed Karole is away until mid June and I have a few more plants ordered from her as well as a 'wish list' for Manolyn. I'll have to include the others as alternatives. Will also check out a few of the other sites I've seen mentioned here!

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I grew mine from Rhizomes given to me for the Huntington Gardens. This was early Sept. and I had a heated location. They sold them the end of Sept. for $25.00
I had given them back to the Huntington for sale. They were not my plants. I purchased one in Seattle for $18.00.
I purchased my first one 30 yrs. ago. I know more now how to keep it alive. It grows very dry, in extremely well draining soil. I also grow it crowded in a small container. I hope this information will be of help. I live in a hot dry valley and use no Peat Moss. Norma

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