Bulb time??

Pcola(z8 NW Florida)October 13, 2002

Now that Fall is fast approaching I'm wondering what bulbs to plant. Of course, here on the Gulf Coast we are limited in which bulbs will work. Is anyone buying or planting yet?

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giniag(z9 TX)

The only thing I know about bulbs is that in order for them to bloom in this area, you must refrigerate them for 6-8 weeks. I just started with bulbs last year. I planted them about mid-December (after fridge time) and they came up pretty well. (Mostly daffodils and small grape hyacinths).

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Those that thrive here can really be planted at almost any time. I have Ice Follies (the really, really old-fashioned ones that have triploid genes), and old true King Albert daffs, paperwhites and old hyacinths (Spanish bluebells). I didn't even think about what time of year I planted them, just about whether the bulbs were sound. Go ahead and plant your bulbs, I think they'll do well.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

You might not think of them as typical bulbs, but the old fashioned Hymenocallis, Crinums, Zephranthes, Ipheion, Clivias, should all do well for you, and can be planted in the fall.

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jimmyd(z8b FL/Sunset28)


Do the bulbs you mention come back every year or do you have to replant?

Where can I find them?


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OMG! I just remembered I have TONS of bulbs I need to get in the ground!

Off to the garden!

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Hi Jimmy, sorry to be so late answering your question! The bulbs I named are all perennial and I do not dig them. The same is true about those mentioned by Bahia, as I have most of them (would LOVE to have some Ipheions, though but the ones I planted never showed up). I'm kind of a lazy gardener, I want to plant once and be done with it, lol. Crocosmias do well too, btw, as do Leucojum aestivum, Lycoris radiata, alba and Aurea. I am trying Eucomis this year, will report on how well it does or fails to do. Parrot lilies(alstromeria psittacina) perform outstandingly, but I'm told that other species aren't very happy here and those that were sent to me from other Gardenwebbers have not shown back up. Don't forget Irises and Gladiolas, especially the species glads, they have a more graceful appearance and don't need to be staked. For really reliable bulbs, look to the old abandonded homesteads in your area, there are bloodlilies, oxblood lilies, rain lilies, just on and on and on. Most will be growing happily with no care at all. It's really amazing how many bulbs will grow very happily here. Just mostly not the ones you see in catalogs, lol. Another tremendous source for good information is Scott Ogden's "Garden Bulbs for the South". LMK how you fare!

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Don't forget Bletilla orchids, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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Jennifer_Mav(z9 FL)

I just received 100 Dutch Iris bulbs as a gift. I live on the Gulf coast--about a mile from the water. If I plant them, do I need to dig them up and refrigerate them every year?

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