Bamboo Farm - Savannah

ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)October 25, 2004

The Bamboo Farm had it Fall Festival on Saturday. There were things for the kids to see and do and lots and lots of plants for sale. I had been once before but Saturday was the first time I bought plants. I came home with a car full. Actually I only bought four but they were huge. (Nice variety and good prices.) If you live in this area, I would enourage you to attend next year.

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wilmington_islander(9A/Sunset 28)

Sorry I missed it again this year...2 years running for me now. I read the paper everyday and watch the locasl news a couple fo nights a week and didn't see it...though I did know that it was coming sometime.

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ajinfante(z8b Charleston)

Do they have a spring festival as well? I went by there this year and they told me they do not sell plants ever...I guess they failed to tell me they have a festival when they sell them!! :-/

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WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)

We are going over to Savanna to spend the Holidays with our children, and planned to stop there for some Bamboo. Are you saying that they do not sell plants? I really want a clump bamboo, and figured "The Farm" would be the place to get one.

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wilmington_islander(9A/Sunset 28)

Nope. No sales that I am aware of. It is a research station.

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ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)

There was some bamboo for sale at the Fall Festival. (Although it may have been from another vendor, I didn't ask.) They also had various banana trees that they would dig for you. The other plants were from different vendors, some local, one from Florida, one from South Carolina. There may have been others I am not aware of. If I wanted to purchase bamboo, I would call and ask specifically if and when they offer it for sale. Enjoy your holidays in Savannah :)

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Datawgal(8/9 SC)

If you call there they might be able to give you the names of the vendors that sell at their Spring and Fall festivals. Some of them are "local". I think they actually had a brochure listing names, locations and phone numbers.
They told me that, as a state funded research station, they can't legally compete with a retail operation. It makes sense.
Good luck in your search.

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WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)

Thank you both for the info. I will be sure to check it out. Even IF we can't buy any of the Bamboo, our son tells me it's a cool place to visit.

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