Imposter mystic spires

jamiecrouseMay 5, 2010

Last year I planted a row of mystic spires salvia, and this year they have all come up again from the roots, except that one of them is noticeably different from the rest. It is clearly growing from the roots of last years plant or I would have thought it was a weed. Its leaves are a slightly different shape and slightly different color; it has a slightly different growth habit. It has just started to blossom, and instead of the blue spires it has fuzzy pink flowers. The really weird thing is that there is one branch that is normal and has leaves and a small bud that are just like all the rest of the mystic spires. I can't figure out what is going on. Does anyone out there know?

#1 Normal mystic spires

#2 Imposter salvia

#3 Normal mystic spires, with close-up of blossom

#4 Close-up of imposter blossoms

#5 Imposter plant, showing front branch that is normal mystic spires

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I think there was a hitchhiker in that one Mystic Spires, an Agastache by the looks of it.

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Karen is right you have a Agastache.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Does the freebie have a minty scent?

Agastaches are good seed producers, and seed-eating birds will visit.

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Agastache hyssopifolia? If it is, try it on peaches! YUM!

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AKA "anise hyssop"...anise scent the give away trait...

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I think I meant Agastache foeniculum... anise hyssop.... brain is softer every day.

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