'Pink' salvia vs. 'Wild Thing' salvia

dseresMay 8, 2009

Is there a difference between the color "Pink" and the color called "Wild Thing"? They seem to be the same. Does one salvia grow taller than the other?

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It depends on which cultivar or wild collected plant they
are calling 'Pink'.I have several different S.greggii Pink forms.One form collected in Junction,Texas is dwarf (12"-15") while Pink Preference blooms later the form,texture
and height are diffenent.Wild Thing refers to a specific plant while pink is more general.Any form can be called pink.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Most pinks are really really light magentas, not light true reds. Rose is an intermediate intensity. Salvia greggiis with flowers in the pink range include `Pink Preference', Big Pink' and `Dwarf Pink'. `Wild Thing' definitely is more lavender in hue, though not as lavender-tinted as the lycioides x greggii forms `San Isidro' and `Purple Pastel'. WT has the same hue as S. muelleri or `Diane', but much lighter in saturation.

I'd need to do a measurement with the color charts from the Royal Horticultural Society to be sure. Anyone with Photoshop can do color experiments using the Color Picker

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