Almost identical but dwarf

cag1963(N Tx)May 14, 2004

I am familiar with the typical Sansevieria trifasciata, or mother-in-law's tongue. My mother has something very similar and I'm trying to find out exactly what it is. She has at least 2 full pots that needed to be separated when we pulled the plants out of the pots we found they had also been multiplying inside the pots under the roots and dirt, new shoots and babies gallore, I brought some home. It has the same type leaves the only difference is that it is only maybe 6 in tall and is only the dark green color solid. I have checked the internet looking for dwarf and the ones I found are all variegated. Can someone help with the answer.

Thank you.

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Does it look like the plant featured on the forum entry page? How long are the leaves? Are they thick and succulent, round and pointed, flat and spoon shaped? Give some more details. Some measurements, and color of leaf rather than dark green solid...

If you go to the Gallery, there is at least one collection of several hundred plants (BirdNestSoup's) you can look through and find the nearest, or similar to the plant you are trying to identify. That would help us to help you.

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cag1963(N Tx)

Close. The longest leaves are about 7" long and 2" at the widest. Thick and succulent, kinda spoon shaped with a pointed end where the round sides come together. The color is just dark green solid no variations. The younger plants are a lighter green. Looked through the gallery and have yet to find anything like it. How would I go about getting a picture of the plant up for people to see?

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Most folks here use their digital camera and take a pic. Then they load it up to a free photo storage site, then make a link here to that there. It takes time to figure all this out.

Based on your description, we 'should' be able to give you a name to take to the Wonderful World of Google and work from there. Maybe. Hopefully.

Does the leaf look ANYthing like this. I realize this is not spoon shaped, and has coloration that your's does not have, but we gotta start somewhere.

S. fischerii

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TSMorgan(z9 LA)

My grandmother is looking for a bit of the "dwarf MILT" but I have been unsuccessful in finding it for her. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Carol the photo on the intro page (which is mine incidentally) is S. hahnii. Robusta is also close but has paler crossbanding. I'm surprised you describe your plant as solid green. The only one like that I know of is nelsonii but that has taller leaves.

Here's a photo of robusta. Is yours anything like this?

For TSMorgan - hahnii is usually easy to pick up - check your local nurseries or ebay. They are usually pretty cheap. If you have no success email me privately.

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