Salvia arenaria

robinmi_gwMay 13, 2008

Recently received seeds of this Brazilian species. They have germinated well, and growing fast. The underside of the foliage is red, which indicates that this may be a cloud-forest plant, therefore preferring a shady area in which to grow. Seedlings are shrivelling up in warm sunshine, I have now moved the plants to a shadier area, where they seem more happy. Hard to find any info re this species. Is it a short-day plant....or could it be an annual?

Any info and hints would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks, Robin.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

It is in Section Angulatae, subsection Fruticosae with S. myriantha. Caudata and fallax are in different subsections.

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Thanks Rich.....but that doesn't exactly answer my question. If it is a winter-flowerer, I will keep it in a pot. If it is not a short-day Salvia, I will plant it outside. I obtained the seeds from Italy, and have been told that it prefers shade. The nursery-owner was a bit vague re the flowering period. If it is close to myriantha, then I suspect it will be short-day species.

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Sorry I don't have any information for you. Just a suggestion keep us posted as to how it performs for you.
We really do need a database to collect this information so it can be pasted down.

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Four years later, this is not hardy, but easy to keep cuttings frost-free. Last two years has flowered all summer, and is really a cute Salvia. Dislikes too much sun.

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Hi Would it be possible to have the address of the nursery where you purchased these seeds,(arenaria) so that I too can purchase some. Thankyou

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Sorry, no details. I received the seeds from a contact in Italy and I don't know where she got them from. My plant never sets seeds unfortunately.

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