Live Oak Pruning?

alison_charleston(Z8)November 19, 2006

Can anyone recommend a good company to prune my live oaks?? or one to avoid!

They are very old I can only assume and are in desperate need of pruning to remove the dead wood. Plus I want them to be ready in case we have a storm next year..hope not. I can live with another storm free year as this one was! :)



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Van's Tree Service is excellent. Also, the Super Garden Heroes from the call in garden show. Paul Mulkey is the guys name, but for some reason I can't remember the name of his business.

Will look for it & come back.
Just make sure that you use only a certified arborist who is bonded.

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The Tree Clinic...

Sometimes the gray matter turns to jello. sigh!

Another one that does alot of work on James Island & Folly is Budget Tree Service. Good luck with your live oak. They are such majestic trees, aren't they?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I would avoid any non ISA certified tree company; any climbers that use leg spikes to climb healthy trees; and any company who tries to sell you services that you don't need or want. The attached fact sheet might help you make a good decision. I've learned that, with arborists, you often get what you pay for. Experience, education, good equipment, and great employees have a price tag associated with them.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

OOps, I forgot to add the link!

By the way, I don't feel good about making negative comments about the people or companies mentioned above, but I sure have had bad vibes from one of them!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hire a GOOD arborist!!!

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Thanks for the info...I have 2 of them, giant live oaks that it.
They span over my house and both of the neighbors houses.
I am just interested in getting what is hanging over my house right now. Not as muchthe yard.
they are so huge that im sure it will cost several thousands to do the entire tree. cant afford that right now.

I do love is almost acorn time. I kinda like hearing the acorns fall on the roof for several weeks..not so much fun to almost break an ankle slipping on those little buggers though!

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jacksonsmama(z8 SC)

Did you have any luck finding a good company? We're on James Island and have a HUGE gorgeous Live Oak in the backyard that is in desperate need of a good pruning.

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