Canyon Creek Nursery

Limy(9Ca)May 3, 2010

I was just up in Orovillle California this past weekend and decided to take a look at Canyon Creek for Salvia's. I think Rich Dufresne mentioned this place on one of his posts. It was so disappointing to get there and find the place like a derelict ghost town. The greenhouses and grounds were in total disarray . Anyone know what happened ?.

John Rose

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

I hope they haven't gone under, that would be a real shame. I would not be surprised, though. Many nurseries have shut down and it has a ripple effect like anything else...the guy who delivers our propane mentioned that it has affected them, nurseries no longer heating their greenhouses and thus the propane company has laid off people too. I see one large wholesale nursery close to us that is still producing and adding to their fields of 5 gallon plants, but the plants have been sitting there for along time, getting very shabby. No buyers....

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If anyone wants to buy Western Hills near Occidental, I heard it was bank-owned and disintegrating. Very sad. What a tremendous garden they had!

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