Salvia guarantica question

desertsage(7b USDA Sunset 10)May 24, 2010

I have two S. guarantica in the garden. One is up and growing about a foot tall, looks healthy. The other has done nothing, but now was dug up by a gopher/packrat. So I have this baseball size tuber with 2 tuber fingers off the bottom. The large tuber was oozing from being chewed on, and had green wet flesh.

Question, 1) Do you think it still might push stems.

  1. Should I do something to encourage it.

  2. Give to my African Spurred tortoise as a treat.

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Ugh... this is why all my S. guaranitica cultivars are still in pots -- I'm afraid that the gophers will get them! I should probably invest in some "cages" so I can put them in the ground.

I'd give it another try, but in a pot, at least initially. Sounds like there is still a fair bit of tuber left. Don't know if you want to let it "heal"/ dry out for a little while, first? This is my first year growing this plant, but my general experience with tubers is that they can be quite resilient.

Good luck!

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