Saliva flopped after planting

jwilliams91May 31, 2014

I bought 4 saliva plants a couple days ago and 3 of them look great, however one of them has flopped over. Can anyone help me with this? I used new potting soil mixed with existing soil. I have watered them everyday but only a little bit to help the roots settle. It hasn't been too hot here either. The plants get a good amount of sun in the afternoon and some shade in the morning. Like I said, it's only one if the salivas that is flopping. Please and thank you for the help! I tired uploading a picture and the message was rejected. I'll try again if anyone really wants a picture

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Did the soil fall off from the plant when you took it out of the pot? Before setting out, you should do a quick inspection of the root system to see if the roots are a good color and fill the soil mix. The root system should stabilize the soil.

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I wrote that post on my phone and it must have changed the word by mistake. Sorry. And no the soil didn't fall apart when it was taken out. I teased some of the roots so I wonder if something went wrong when I did that.

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