eileenie(8b)December 29, 2006

I have bulbs cooling in the fridge. When do I plant these to get spring blooms?

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Nell Jean

After twelve weeks, they need no further chilling, they're just holding. I chill mine from 10-12 weeks.
Fewer than 8 weeks and your tulips will be, as Steve Bender puts it, chipmunk corsages (short stems).


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BOBtheSCgardener(z8b SC)

Mid-Late January would be the ideal latest date to plant BUT if you need more chilling time, I supose you MAY have some luck if planted by February. You need enough root development before the ground temps rise in the spring.


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OK, thank you! I'm assuming with the recent warmup to high 70's and low 80's I should try to wait at least until it cools back down to normal winter temps? These are daffodils and I read in a southern gardening book they don't need chilling??? That doesn't seem possible unless I want them to bloom for Christmas! We're from the midwest and all this is new.to us. I am seeing bulbs in Wal-mart now, (summer and SPRING bulbs) but did not know if that meant it was planting time since they had mums in full bloom in their garden center in early August....it wasn't long before they looked pretty crispy.

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