Should I use cactus soil?

sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)May 10, 2004

I've read some of the old threads on this forum, and I gather that I need to take my new bird's nest sans. out of my terrarium where the soil stays constantly moist and pot it up and keep it dry. Would cactus soil be good? Any other tips for a complete newbie? I just don't understand plants that need to stay drier at all. I am much better with things that need to stay moist, or at least only dry out an inch or so at the top of the soil. The water just runs right through the cactus soil that I have (I think it is the Schultz brand), and I don't understand how the plant gets any moisture at all. Please help me with this! Should I just not use cactus soil, since I am unfamiliar with it? (I only bought a small bag years ago to make a cactus dish garden for my MIL, who kills all other plants except cacti and some succulents). I know I will worry if it is getting enough water, so I will probably overwater. Just how much water do these things need? A cup per month? Less? More? I really like this cute little plant, and don't want to kill it because of too much love (or water)!

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

LOL....sounds like you should give it to your MIL. No...just kidding!! I think it will be fine in whatever soil you put it in as long as you don't keep it wet all the time and NEVER water it from the top so that water goes into the "birdsnest" or cup of the rosette in the middle. I have had one for a long time in a little planter above the sink and used to keep it wet all the time before I knew better.It would loose an occational leaf, but is still alive. I just have it in regular potting soil. I am new at this too, but from what I gather, I think watering them in the middle like a bromiliad is what kills them.

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Cactus soil would be great.

I can't help you on amounts. I water mine about every two weeks until water starts appearing in the tray/saucer/underpot. When I see the water, I stop, and don't water it again for another two or three weeks.

It takes a real effort to change over to the 'other side' of watering. I am a committed underwaterer, that is why Sansevierias work so well for me. Anything that takes a lot of water, or humidity? Well, as soon as it enters my door, it's death warrent is issued. I'm working on it. I do have a fern (Leatherleaf) sitting on the front porch, and I did take it through the house. We will see if any paper got signed...

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