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marilyn_fl(zone 9 Florida)May 26, 2013

I live in Florida and have been trying to buy a salvia black and blue plant. I cant seem to find this plant in my area.I can find the plant for $4-$9 on the Internet. The problem is the shipping charges are $15. These are from states not all that far from Florida. I noticed some places are even charging for packaging. Guess I will put this plant on a forget it list for now.

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CA Kate

You need to remember that plants need to be sent as quickly as possible and so the cost is greater. I always make sure my order is worth the postage.

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Shipping one plant is expensive anywhere. As the size of the order increases, the cost per plant decreases. That's why planning your mail order purchases is so important.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The USPS Priority Mail is still the cheapest way to ship. Here in the SE USA, minimal shipping charges for a small order went recently from about $7 to $9 with the new rates earlier this year.

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Try Ebay or seeds.

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Most of my local nurseries will special order a plant (three out of four so far, and I haven't tried the fourth yet), typically with no extra cost or shipping charge. While the occasional rare plant can't be special ordered, common plants like Black and Blue are commonly available. Just phone your local nurseries. Total cost of the plant will be less than the USPS shipping cost.

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Google wholesale growers and ask who buys black n blue from them. Surprised you can't find as it should do well in ur area , perhaps you can't find NOW b/c out of season but not b/c rare. $15 is about as cheap as it's gonna get for a single plant. There are economies of scale if you get 3-4. Almost same shipping cost

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Correct tip : ....ask who from ur area buys black n blue from said growers

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