Growing B&B in a!

bellarosa(z5/IL)May 25, 2007

I tried growing B&B last year in a pot, but they didn't do well. I'd like to try it again. Any advice on soil type, drainage, etc? Thanks!

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I grew my B&B's in big 14 inch diameter pots filled with Miracle Grow Potting soil out on my patio which gets full sun. The pots ( I had Several) are deep and have several drainage holes in the bottom. I watered them every day because in the full sun they needed it and sometimes in the hot summer more than once a day. The B&B grew huge and bloomed until frost. In each pot was also one green ornamental potato vine which trailed over the edge and also grew to enormous size. I had about 4 pots all just alike and all did well. I live near Philly in zone 6 and the summers are sizzling hot and the hummers never stopped coming to the plants.

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CA Kate

In addition to what ghoghunter says, don't forget to fertilize. And, they do in a BIG pot.

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Westelle, do you have yours in the ground? I just got one last week... does it need THAT much water?

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Even here, they need a good amount of water when potted in summer, They'll definitely droop without it! I overwintered some in a 2ft by 1ft plastic trough and when they sprouted, they have grown fairly large (didn't want to prune them but may be forced to do so once they bloom the first go around). LOL

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Oh boy... I've been trying to get more drought tolerant salvias... oh well... heavy mulch it is! Thank you! :o) And my salvia thanks you too!

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dakster(z6 Cent.CT)

So then..the B&B don't do well in crowded conditions, ie, they can get claustrophobic if the pot is too small?

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I bought mine in a pot...I can't imagine growing it in one(maybe a 25 gallon tub)My lil pot I bought(maybe a 6-8 inch pot)it filled and spread nicely.I even thinned it down and spread it elsewhere in yard.hummers& bumble bees adore it.

Heathen mine are in the ground.I would say once they get established if you keep the roots shaded they can get by on less water.The ones furthest from the garden hose are mulched with grass clippings& in total non stop full sun.clayish soil(really needed more amending for looosening soil) mine go through triple digits heat temps& index fine.I water in mornings...if windy in afternoons too.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If you have a really potbound guaranitica, extract it from the container and you will see up to a dozen stolons coiled at the lip and eventually emerging at the edge. At this point, the plant can last about one more year in the pot before really suffering. You can extract the stolons and root them quickly to make a lot of new plants.

I will post an image of one of these mature pots of guaranitica soon. Do not leave the root ball out of the pot for long, or you will not be able to put it back in.

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